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A system for printing and dispensing chemical reagents in precisely controlled volumes onto a medium at a precisely controlled location. A jetting tube (432), comprising an orifice (433) at one end and a fluid receiving aperture (431) at the other end, is concentrically mounted within a cylindrical ...

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A memory cartridge comprises a case, and a printed circuit board housed in the case is connected to a data processing unit including a microprocessor when the memory cartridge is loaded therein. A memory cooperating with the data processing unit is installed on the printed circuit board, and a memor ...

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A software asset protection mechanism segregates the right to execute software from the software itself. The rights to execute, when installed on a composite computing system, (10,20) are stored in a coprocessor element (20) of the composite computing system. The software asset protection mechanism ...

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A device for use in the sampling or infusion of liquids from or to the human or animal body having a first connecting means (8) for connection to a cannula, a second connecting means (13) for connection to a source or drain of liquid and valve means (4,9) operable to open or close a flow path thereb ...

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1. Injection device for dosed injection, with a holding device (20) for a container (12) in particular having the form of a cartridge and containing the liquid to be injected, with a hypodermic needle (16) which can be moved in the proximal direction relative to the housing (30, 32), of the injectio ...

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A switching device is characterized by having a periodical layer structure of an organic insulator between a pair of electrodes and having memorizability with respect to switching characteristics. The layer structure is formed of an amphiphilic compound according to the LB method.

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Information including pictures, sounds, and characters is inputted. A form of the inputted information is converted into a prescribed format in accordance with properties of the information, and thus converted information is derived. A first storage means holds the inputted information and/or the co ...

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The problem of immobilising a polynucleotide on a welled plastics support, such as a 96-well microtitre plate, has been overcome by the finding that a branched polyethylenimine bonds to the plate and can be bonded to polynucleotides, such as DNA, RNA or oligonucleotides, by a cross-linking agent suc ...

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A fuzzy computer basically includes a plurality of fuzzy membership function generator circuits (43, 43A, 43B, 43C, 43D), and a fuzzy inference engine (50, 51) for executing a predetermined fuzzy operation among fuzzy membership functions that have been generated. A fuzzy membership function is repr ...