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In the capacitive isolating section for DC isolation of a coaxial cable, a radio-frequency filter, preferably a low-pass filter, is provided in addition to an isolating capacitor in the outer conductor, by means of which the shielding characteristics of the isolating section are considerably improve ...

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Azole derivatives represented by the formula (I): wherein R and R each independently represents a (C1 - C5) alkyl group or a hydrogen atom; X represents a halogen atom, a (C1 - C5) alkyl group or a phenyl group; n represents 0, 1 or 2 and A represents a nitrogen atom or CH, provided that R is not a ...

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The present invention provides novel hybrid promoters comprising an RNA polymerase recognition region having a base sequence equivalent to that of the RNA polymerase recognition region of a phage promoter, and an RNA polymerase binding region having a base sequence equivalent to that of the RNA poly ...

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In an encoding system responsive to a sequence of coefficient signals which results from a predetermined linear transform and which is divided into a sequence of blocks, anterior processing is carried out prior to quantization about the coefficient signals in each block to determine a significant ar ...

Sakai Toshiyuki Brother Kogyo: Electronic typewriter with word correction function.. Brother, May 18, 1988: EP0267801-A2 (58 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is an electronic typewriter with a word correction function substantially consists of a print data memory, a correction word memory, correction determination means, selection means and correction control means. If a correction word is too long to be printed in place of an erased wrong word ...

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A therapeutic taste-neutral powder form of acetaminophen is obtained by spray-drying a dispersion of acetaminophen and ethyl cellulose in water having a plasticizer dissolved or suspended therein. The powder can be formulated into fast dissolving dosage forms, chewable tablets and the like.

Phillips Edward H Compact Spin: Catoptric reduction imaging systems.. Compact Spindle Bearing, May 18, 1988: EP0267766-A2 (48 worldwide citation)

Improved catoptric reduction imaging systems of a quassi-Cassegrainian type are presented wherein light from an object enters an imaging system through an aperture in one mirror of an imaging system and leaves the imaging system through an aperture in another mirror of the imaging system to form an ...

Mcgourty Lawrence F, Mcgourty Thomas K: Thermal print head control apparatus.. Varitronic Systems, May 18, 1988: EP0267890-A2 (45 worldwide citation)

A head control apparatus (28) is disclosed for a printing machine. The apparatus includes a frame (200) with a thermal head (36) connected to the frame. A tape roller guide (210) is connected to the frame. The guide and the head are disposed on opposite sides of an intended tape pathway. The guide a ...

Ichitsuka Takeshi, Yokoo Akihiko: Porous calcium phosphate based bone prosthesis.. Asahi Optical, May 18, 1988: EP0267624-A2 (43 worldwide citation)

A porous calcium phosphate based bone prosthesis having open pores with an average size of 0.01-2,000 mu m and closed pores with an average size of 0.01-30 mu m. The bone prosthesis has both good workability and an adequate degree of biocompatibility.

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This invention provides a monoclonal antibody against human interleukin-1 characterized in that the antibody has specific reactivity with human interleukin-1 alpha or human interleukin-1 beta and a process for preparing the same.