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A device for sealing an opening or puncture in the wall of a blood vessel, duct or other lumen of a living being. The device includes an elongated tubular body having an outlet at the distal end thereof and which is arranged to be inserted, such as percutaneously, through the puncture in the blood v ...

Henry Von Kohorn: System for evaluation and recording of responses to broadcast transmissions. Perman & Green, May 17, 1988: US04745468 (446 worldwide citation)

A system for evaluating responses to broadcast programs, such as television programs, includes an instructional signal modulated onto an audio signal transmitted concurrently with the television program. At each of a plurality of remote receiving stations, one or more members of a remote audience ha ...

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A sol-gel process of producing durable alpha alumina-based ceramic particularly useful as abrasive grain from alpha alumina monohydrate is improved by the addition of a nucleating agent. Improved abrasive products containing the durable ceramic abrasive grains are also provided.

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In a method and apparatus for extracting programs suitable for individual subscriber taste from among all available television programs and for editing an individual subscriber television program list, objective data is statistically processed by linear programming. The processed results are input t ...

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A prosthetic ligament connection assembly includes a plug adapted to fit within an opening in a bone so that the prosthetic ligament in the opening will be secured to the bone via a uniform interface therebetween.

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An intra-abdominal organ stabilizer, manipulator and retractor includes an elongated tube for insertion through an introducer into an abdominal cavity. A rod is telescopingly received and axially movable within the tube. A stabilizer tip is secured to the distal end of the rod and axially movable th ...

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Disclosed is a catheter for performing balloon angioplasty comprising concentric, independently inflatable/deflatable balloons, each balloon having a different diameter. The balloons are capable of withstanding pressures in excess of 100 psi and are non-elastomeric and imperforate. Also disclosed is ...

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Apparatus and a method for attaching soft tissue to bone in a surgical operation, particularly in suturing a portion of a shoulder joint socket to the rim of the glenoid cavity of a scapula. A drilling guide includes a pair of convergent tubes and a handle supporting them, and a locater rod is used ...

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The disclosure is directed to a method and apparatus for making a custom shoe based on non-contact measurements of a particular subject's foot. A foot is placed at an inspection position, and a laser beam is directed at the foot, and scanned in a predetermined pattern over the surface of the foot. T ...

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A method for producing a recombinant baculovirus expression vector, capable of expression of a selected gene in a host insect cell, is disclosed. The preferred method involves cleaving baculovirus DNA to produce a DNA fragment comprising a polyhedrin gene or portion thereof, including a polyhedrin p ...