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A method of and apparatus for multiple assaying in which at least two components of a sample mixture are labelled by respective markers of fluorescent materials having differing peak absorption and/or emission characteristics. In one example, the sample mixture having differentially marked target co ...

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Polypeptides and derivatives thereof containing nor-statine and nor-cyclostatine are useful for inhibiting the angiotensinogen-cleaving action of the enzyme renin.

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Medicinal compositions containing a polypeptide growth factor having mitogenic activity are stabilized against loss of biological activity in the presence of moisture by including in said compositions a stabilizing amount of a water-soluble polysaccharide, preferably a cellulose derivative, such as ...

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The process for introducing genetic material into monocotyledonous plants or viable parts thereof comprises transfer microorganisms which are able to introduce said genetic material into monocotyledonous plants or viable parts thereof, and which contain the genetic material to be introduced in a tra ...

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A balloon dilatation catheter adapted for use in angioplasty techniques has two balloons (20, 22) at the distal end (10) of the catheter, one inside the other with a separate inflation lumen (14, 16) for each balloon. The catheter enables dilatation of stenoses of different sizes and the dilatation ...

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In an electronic system for motor vehicles various control instruments are connected to one another via a serial interface and have separate memories for variable, vehicle-specific data which are written into the memory in a processing operation common to the control instruments before the vehicle g ...

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A chimeric antibody with human constant region and murine variable region, having specificity to a human tumor antigen, methods of production, and uses.

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Apparatus for delivering power to and communicating with a data-storing device (4), e.g. a token, in a contactless manner includes a resonant circuit (6) arranged for inductive coupling with the device. The values of the components are selected to give a relatively constant power transfer over the p ...

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In an earth boring bit of the type having a rotatable cone (15) secured to a bearing shaft (26), an improved pressure compensating and relief system (27). A flexible diaphragm (57) has an enlarge peripheral portion (63) in an o-ring configuration sealingly secured in a compensator cavity to form a m ...