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A navigation device for wheeled vehicles using an optical locating system to determine the vehicle's position with respect to a set of coded, and therefore separately identifiable, fixed beacons. This optically obtained navigational information is used in conjunction with information from revolution ...

Lauritzen Ann Marie: Ethylene oxide catalyst and process for the catalytic production of ethylene oxide.. Shell Int Research, May 4, 1988: EP0266015-A1 (90 worldwide citation)

A composition containing silver, a support, rhenium and at least one further metal, characterized in that the selected amounts of the metals or compounds are such that under conditions of catalytic manufacture of e thylene oxide from ethylene and oxygen the composition comprises a catalytically effe ...

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A modified fibrinolytically active urokinase-type plasminogen activator (u-PA) which has been modified in the region of the growth factor domain, the catalytic site essential for fibrinolytic activity of which is optionally blocked by a removable blocking group.

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A record carrier (40) comprises a radiation-sensitive layer (43) upon a disc-shaped substrate (42) and is provided with an information-recording area arranged in accordance with a spiral-shaped or concentric pattern of preformed tracks (41). The track exhibits a track modulation in the form of a rad ...

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The invention relates to a process for producing food packaging which is either readily degradable for example to compost, or which can be easily recycled, especially to feedstuff, or in some cases to foodstuff. The packaging consists of a dimensionally stable casing 1, which itself consists of furt ...

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A method and formulation for orally administering a bioactive agent which comprises encapsulating the agent in one or more biodegradable and biocompatible polymer or copolymer excipients to form a microcapsule which is capable of passing through the gastrointestinal tract unaffected and being taken ...

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Pressure-dependent anisotropic behavior is provided by a size selective separation membrane system comprising at least two successive porous layers. The first layer comprises a soft, elastic, effectively porous material, and the second layer comprises a substantially rigid porous material. When posi ...

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A rotor of an induction motor comprising a rotary shaft (6), a cylindrical rotor core (7) fixedly secured on the rotary shaft, a conductive cover (8) fixed on the outer circumferential surface of the rotor core, the conductive cover being formed of a composite material of magnetic material (12) and ...

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A length trimming machine for venetian blinds, the machine comprising a base (1) with upstanding blind supports (4,5,6 & 7) having movable blind support fingers (16). A slat lifter (18) on each support (4 to 7) with movable lifting fingers (23). Means (24,25,26& 27) to raise and lower the lifters (1 ...

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Molded articles having contoured, decorative outer surfaces are disclosed. The articles comprise a molded polymer substrate and a decorative sheet material adhered to one side of the substrate. The decorative sheet material comprises a substantially molecularly unoriented cast polymer film formed fr ...