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A method and apparatus for anchoring and manipulating cartilage within a joint during arthroscopic surgery by piercing the cartilage with a hollow needle, in the tip of which is lodged an elongate anchoring device having a suture attached thereto. The free end of the suture passes through the bore o ...

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A surgical instrument for joining tissue by means of a two piece fastener. The fastener is a shaped staple having a general shape of an M, and a receiver for engaging with the legs of the staple. The staple has an M-shape with the outer legs portions being non-parallel or parallel. The legs of the s ...

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A method of making a dental prosthesis in which data representing standard tooth shapes and sizes, relationships between teeth and adjacent and occlusive teeth and characteristics for securing a prosthesis to a prepared site, and machining instructions for shaping a blank to the configuration of a d ...

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Nonwoven web and method of making including interbonded thermoplastic fibers in an array of hollow projections extending outwardly from at least one surface of said web. The projections are separated by land areas of interbonded fibers, and the fiber orientation is greater in the projections than in ...

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A stolen object location system having a base station, a location network and an object unit which is associated with the object to be located. The location system is capable of operating in a plurality of different location modes ranging from simple triangulation to LORAN. The base station, upon be ...

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A method and apparatus is provided for determining remote object orientation and position with an electromagnetic coupling. A plurality of radiating antennas are provided for radiating electromagnetic energy. Each of the radiating antennas have independent components for defining a source reference ...

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Data processing for novel form of relationship management links, supervises, and balances depositors, marketing agents, financial intermediaries, mortgage brokers, and borrowers in an inflation-adjusted financing program. Funds are deposited in participating financial institutions in return for cert ...

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Disclosed is a nonglaring mirror which is an electrochromic device in principle. The mirror comprises a transparent front substrate laid with a transparent first electrode film, a back substrate laid with a second electrode film which is opposite and spaced from the first electrode film, first and s ...

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Shampoos are disclosed which comprise a synthetic surfactant, an insoluble, non-volatile silicone, a suspending agent and water. Suitable suspending agents include long chain esters of ethylene glycol, esters of long chain fatty acids, long chain amine oxides among many others.

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Control release capsules comprising a breaker contained within a enclosure member are employed to break fracturing fluids. The enclosure member is permeable to at least one fluid in the subterranean formation or injected with the capsules such that upon sufficient exposure to the fluid, the capsules ...