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The amino acid derivatives of the formula I in which X, Z, R, R, R, E, Y and n have the meaning indicated in Claim 1, and their salts inhibit the activity of human plasma renin.

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A plug for sealing an end of a coupling assembly secured to an end of a coaxial cable includes a flange having an end face which has a cross-sectional area substantially less than a cross-sectional area of a threaded portion of the plug, the end face being urged against an end face of the coupling a ...

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A face mask (2) for a respirator is equipped with multiple seals (12, 18) on a lip (10) which turns inward at the periphery of the face mask (2). The seals (12, 18) include at least one fin which extends from the surface of the lip for contact with the face. The respirator has a port (6) for exhalat ...

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A temperature stable diamond product (30) having a temperature stability up to about 1,200 DEG C comprising a metal matrix carrier, at least one diamond piece (31a-31f) of a predetermined geometrical shape and which is temperature stable up to about 1,200 DEG C having at least one surface (41) conta ...

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A system comprising a computer, a screen, and an inputting device (10) for selection of specific areas on the screen and for moving a cursor on said screen, the inputting device (10) being coupled to the computer in which there is at least one screen-controlled program, it being possible to bring th ...

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A musical tone control apparatus controls a musical tone corresponding to a movement itself of an object and the like which is detected by a detector. Such detector detects also a moving speed, a moving force, a moving angle or an intensity of given impulse of the object. In the case where the detec ...

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A core/shell polymer comprises a rubbery core of crosslinked, conjugated diolefin polymer or copolymer with 0 or upto 50%, based on the total core weight, of a first vinyl monomer copolymerized with the diolefin, and one or more polymer shells, at least one of which shells is a vinylaromatic polymer ...

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The method is especially suitable for piling on the seabed and consists of the following steps: > &cirf& (a) The lower end of a pipe (15) containing a drilling machine (1) equipped with cutters (6, 7) is brought into contact with the ground. The cutters can be moved from an initial position where th ...

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A magazine-housed disk reproducing apparatus is disclosed which enables the user to easily determine the contents of the various disks contained in the magazine. The names of tunes and the like provided on the various available disks are stored in a memory. An identifying device detects which magazi ...

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Cross-linked esters of hyaluronic acid are provided which result from the esterification of polyhydric alcohols with two or more carboxy groups of the hyaluronic acid polysaccharide. These cross-linked esters are useful in the field of biodegradable plastics for sanitary and surgical articles and in ...