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Liquid droplets are formed by instantaneous state change by thermal energy of a liquid filled in a thermal chamber, said droplets being deposited onto a recording member to achieve recording.

Julio C Palmaz: Expandable intraluminal graft, and method and apparatus for implanting an expandable intraluminal graft. Expandable Grafts Partnership, Ben D Tobor, April 26, 1988: US04739762 (1152 worldwide citation)

An expandable and deformable intraluminal vascular graft is expanded within a blood vessel by an angioplasty balloon associated with a catheter to dilate and expand the lumen of a blood vessel. The graft may be a thin-walled tubular member having a plurality of slots disposed substantially parallel ...

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An intralumenal graft for the repair of damaged or weakened sections of the vascular system. The graft consists of a semi-rigid, resilient tube made of a material suitable for long-term residence inside a vessel. The tube has a relaxed, smaller diameter and is expandable to a larger diameter which i ...

Erik T Engelson: Catheter for guide-wire tracking. Target Therapeutics, Ciotti & Murashige Irell & Manella, April 26, 1988: US04739768 (389 worldwide citation)

A catheter for use with a guide wire which can be guided from an external body access site to an internal tissue, and into the tissue along a tortuous path of at least about 5 cm through vessels of less than about 3 mm lumen inner diameter. The catheter includes a relatively stiff proximal segment d ...

Tobin William: Software protection system with trial period usage code and unlimited use unlocking code both recorded on program storage media. Software Concepts, Arthur L Plevy, April 26, 1988: US04740890 (378 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for preparing and playing back a duplicated disk containing software as a program so that a customer will be able to use the disk for a predetermined trial period. The duplicated disk is impressed with information relating to this system in the form of a usage count, a locking status an ...

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A vehicle locating system (VLS) comprises a large number, for example, several million, vehicle-mounted transmitters and several benchmark transmitters; first, second and third signal relay stations and a central processing station at which the transmitter locations are determined, the central stati ...

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A method and apparatus for the permanent surgical reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament in the human knee, which will stabilize the tibia and femur relative to each other and restore a full range of motion to the knee, by precisely locating the ends and angular relationship of a replaceme ...

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A microprocessor controlled electrosurgical generator provides plural ground-isolated and mutually isolated monopolar r-f cutting signals for respective surgical pencils to permit plural surgeons to use the same generator while maintaining independent control over output power and mode selection. A ...

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Contact lenses which are optically clear, wettable, flexible, of high oxygen permeability and substantially non-swellable in the aqueous ocular environment of use, of a block copolymer containing polysiloxane and polyoxyalkylene oxide units are disclosed, as well as the preparation thereof and metho ...

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The device relates to a mask worn over a wearer's face for air filtration. The mask has an inturned lip that forms a seal on the edge of the mask with the wearer's face. The mask also has at least two other contact surfaces, internal to the edge seal, which vary in length to increase the seal integr ...