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A DNA sequence contains a gene encoding a protein, the gene being under the transcriptional control i n the DNA sequence of a mammalian milk protein promoter which does not naturally control the transcription of the gene, such DNA sequence including DNA enabling secretion of the protein.

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A marking signal 1 identifying the owner of a recording and formed by binary elements passes from a data store 2 to code generator 3, which translates each like binary element into a pseudo random sequence of binary elements, to produce an encoded marking signal and then, via low pass filter 4 and m ...

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The biosensor consists of a biological component which is immobilised on a transducer. Used as biological component for detecting heavy metals is at least one peptide from the group of phytochelatins.

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Differential circuit-breaker formed by the modular assembling of a circuit-breaker unit (11) with separable contacts, and with control mechanism (18) with handle, and of a differential trigger unit (20) having a triggering relay (26), a first mechanical link (27) for triggering the mechanism (18), a ...

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The test circuit (28) of a differential circuit-breaker comprises a leakage branch circuit having two test resistors (34, 36), a test button (44), and a protection device with two isolating contacts (40, 42). Following differential triggering, the opening of the two contacts (40, 42) ensures that th ...

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A banknote processing system includes a handling apparatus (1), a convey mechanism (3), and a plurality of inspecting apparatuses (24). The handling apparatus has an input portion (14) on which a predetermined number of bundles of banknotes are placed. The bundles are taken out one by one from the i ...

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2-Azetidinone derivatives represented by the following formula wherein X is a hydrogen atom, a halogen atom, a lower alkyl group, a lower alkoxy group, a hydroxyl group or a cyano group, l is 1 or 2, R is a lower alkyl group, a cycloalkyl group, a 1-naphthylmethyl group, an optionally substituted ph ...

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An intra-vaginal device to aid in controlling urinary incontinence, said device including a body with a forward portion (14) to engage the anterior vaginal wall adjacent the bladder neck, which forward portion is expandable to close the bladder neck.

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A dressing of the kind comprising a skin-friendly, water absorbant sealing pad (4) adapted to be secured to skin, mucuous membranes or the like, said pad consisting of one or more water-soluble or water-swellable hydrocolloids dispersed in or admixed with a water-insoluble, viscous, elastomeric bind ...

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An image signal processing apparatus for converting a continuous tone image signal to a bi-level image signal, for producing a spatial gray scale image on a bi-level display device such as a gas plasma display panel. Respective values of apportionment factors (KA to KD) used for apportioning a bi-le ...