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A transgenic non-human eukaryotic animal whose germ cells and somatic cells contain an activated oncogene sequence introduced into the animal, or an ancestor of the animal, at an embryonic stage.

Klaus Mielke: Fluid jet printing device. Swedot System, Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner, April 12, 1988: US04737802 (338 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a fluid jet printing device A to U having an inlet 14, an outlet nozzle 13 and a valve 3, 5 located between the inlet and the outlet. The valve comprises a movable actuation member 3 cooperating with a valve seat.

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A real-time three-dimensional display device particularly suited for medical imaging is disclosed. The device includes a plurality of individual processing elements each having an image memory for storing a mini-image of a portion of the object as viewed from any given direction and a merge control ...

Matej Lipovsek, Joze Globevnik: Instrument kit and procedure for performing posterior lumbar interbody fusion. Leonard Bloom, April 12, 1988: US04736738 (270 worldwide citation)

Instrument kit and method for performing posterior lumbar interbody fusion. The surgical procedure is done through the spinal canal rather than outside the spinal canal as has been done previously. The posterior lumbar interbody fusion procedure is faster, simpler, less bloody and less expensive tha ...

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A method of depositing a substantially hydrogen free or controlled hydrogen content multi-element alloy film on a substrate. The method utilizes a microwave excited plasma of a hydrogen free precursor gas to deposit a hard, adherent coating. The method comprises providing a substrate to be coated in ...

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A method and apparatus is provided for determining remote object orientation and position with an electromagnetic coupling. A plurality of radiating antennas are provided for radiating electromagnetic energy. Each of the radiating antennas have independent components for defining a source reference ...

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A suspension of liposomes whose sizes are predominantly greater than about 1 micron is passed through an asymmetric ceramic filter whose inner-surface pore size is about 1 micron. The processed liposomes have a selected average size of about 0.4 microns or less, depending on the number of filter cyc ...

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A method of balancing traffic loads to a plurality of customer automatic l distributors (ACDs). Each ACD periodically transmits call congestion data to a central data base. Periodically, the data is automatically analyzed and resulting call routing information stored at the data base. The call routi ...

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A pressure-sensitive adhesive is provided which is a copolymer of an acrylate monomer which contributes to the visco-elastic properties of the copolymer and a copolymerizable mono-ethylenically unsaturated aromatic ketone comonomer free of ortho-aromatic hydroxyl groups by means of which the copolym ...

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A programmable interface system for interfacing a standard telephone set with a radio transceiver as part of a telephone network is provided. The radio transceiver may be a conventional cellular-type transceiver or other transceiver having typical control inputs and outputs similar to that provided ...