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An expandable intraluminal vascular graft is expanded within a blood vessel by an angioplasty balloon associated with a catheter to dilate and expand the lumen of a blood vessel. The graft may be a wire mesh tube.

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A disposable bandage, and a process for manufacturing it, which is prepared from a single sheet or strip of liquid permeable, flexible thermoplastic hydrophilic foam. The process includes coating the entire surface of one side of a foam sheet or strip with a layer of porous pressure sensitive adhesi ...

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A cover forming apparatus for forming a sheet of material about an object to produce a decorative cover for the object. The cover forming apparatus includes a cover former having an object opening formed through a portion thereof which is adapted to receive the object. The cover former includes port ...

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A pocket size data terminal is described for use by a large number of consumers in a system with which goods or services can be conveniently and automatically ordered. A plurality of data terminals which can automatically dial a local processing center (LPC) are distributed among users each of whom ...

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A method of, and a system for, selectively delivering still television video with accompanying audio to home subscribers over a cable television system for advertising, promotional or educational purposes. A maximum number of home subscribers can interactively request presentations of their own choo ...

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A surgical instrument including a reusable handle and a removable sheathed blade assembly comprising an elongate sheath with a plurality of elongate surgical blades longitudinally received within said sheath and selectively projectable therefrom along guided paths for exposure of the working heads o ...

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The invention provides [I] a water-absorbing agent composed of a water-absorbing resin powder having the molecular chains near its surface being crosslinked, said powder being obtained by mixing 100 parts by weight of a powder of a carboxyl-containing water-absorbing resin selected from the group co ...

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The invention provides a liquids recovery process useful for the separation and recovery of C.sub.3.sup.+ liquid hydrocarbons from gas mixtures containing high concentrations of lighter components such as are produced by the dehydrogenation of liquefied petroleum gases or by the catalytic cracking o ...

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A position control apparatus comprises a pointing device for pointing a position, a microprocessor for computing a distance of movement and a velocity of movement of the pointing device controls moving the position pointed by the pointing device at a velocity corresponding to the velocity detected w ...

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A device for infusing a drug into an ambulatory patient, the drug being contained in a transparent spiral conduit which is embedded in a disposable flexible casting conformingly adhered to the patient's body, includes a reusable micropump module which is detachably mounted in a collar valve on the c ...