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A device and method for implantation of a prosthesis provides for insertion of the prosthesis in a location which is difficult to access. The prosthesis is held in a radially contracted state by the device. An expandable chamber within the device permits relative movements between elements of the de ...

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A vehicular lamp employing light-emitting diodes providing a good illumination efficiency, and which can be readily mounted on many different types of vehicles. The lamp includes a plurality of light-emitting diodes arranged on a supporting board, condenser lenses provided in front of each of the li ...

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A case assembly for vehicular rearview mirrors adapted to support lights for illuminating portions of the vehicle interior, instruments such as directional compasses or the like, and controls such as switches or instrument adjustment units. The case includes one, and preferably two, spaced, removabl ...

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A capacitance-variation-sensitive touch sensing array system includes an array of electrodes where each electrode is a connected series of conductive tabs and forms either a row or a column of the electrode array; an array of drive lines where each drive line is capacitively coupled to a plurality o ...

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The invention contemplates controlled ablation of the cornea, using ultraviolet laser radiation, wherein irradiated flux density and exposure time are so controlled as to achieve desired depth of the ablation. Sculpturing action results from controlled change of projected laser-spot size, in the cou ...

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A chance game apparatus having five secondary wheels positioned outside of and along the circumferential edge of a primary wheel. Each wheel has a sequence of winning and losing indices with each sequence different from one another. Each sequence defines a different probability of a random selection ...

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A wall, floor or ceiling heater comprises a plurality of self regulating, preferably PTC conductive polymer, heater elements each of which is connected to two or more connection elements. The elements are held by a support. In a preferred embodiment the heater elements are positioned parallel to eac ...

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A rotary catheter system insertable into a patient's artery over a non rotating auger shaped guide-wire for remotely cutting and removing an obstruction therein, having a flexible catheter equipped with a tubular-blade at its front end and a motor connected to its other end.

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When a document and a recording medium are moved in a vertical scanning direction to read the document and record signals on the recording medium, the read signals are stored in a line buffer memory. The present invention changes over hysteretically a high speed vertical scan mode and a low speed ve ...

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A waterproof flashlight wherein the flashlight is activated by means of a switch located in the flashlight's end cap. Another aspect of the invention being the orientation of the positive terminals of the flashlight's batteries away from the head assembly.