Bartlett Paul, Lieske Steven, Simms Mark, Hains Tracey, Walker Patrick, Winsborrow Lesley: File backup facility for a community of personal computers.. Hewlett-Packard, March 16, 1988: EP0259912-A1 (533 worldwide citation)

A file backup facility is provided for a community of personal computers (PC1-3) linked to a central station (10) that includes a mass storage device (14). The backup facility enables a user to select files for backup to the mass storage device (14) and then subsequently to restore selected ones of ...

Shepperd John Anthony Norman: Spinal implant.. Shepperd John Anthony Norman, March 16, 1988: EP0260044-A1 (126 worldwide citation)

A spinal implant has an elongate body (1) which is divided into two portions (5, 6) with mutually opposed contact surfaces (5A, 6A) and is for insertion into the joint space between two adjacent vertebrae. A cam device (3) or cam devices are movable between the contact surfaces to expand or increase ...

Arbige Michael Vincent, Estell David Aaron, Pepsin Michael Jay, Poulose Ayrookaran Joseph: Preparation of enzymes having altered activity.. Genencor, March 16, 1988: EP0260105-A2 (106 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to altering the transesterification rate/hydrolysis rate ratio and nucleophile specificity in reactions that are catalyzed by enzymes with catalytic triads such as serine hydrolases and cystine hydrolases by using a novel method to modify the enzyme. Modifications to the enzyme ...

Welborn Howard Curtis: New supported polymerization catalyst.. Exxon Chemical Patents, March 16, 1988: EP0260130-A1 (60 worldwide citation)

An olefin polymerization supported catalyst comprising the supported reaction product of at least one metallocene of a metal of Group IVB, VB, and VIB of the Periodic Table, a non-metallocene transition metal containing compound of a Group IVB, VB, or VIB metal and an alumoxane, said reaction produc ...

Ootsuka Eiko, Inoue Hideo, Morisawa Hirokazu, Mukai Sachiko, Susumu Shibahara, Nishihara Touru: Compounds for the cleavage at a specific position of rna, oligomers employed for the formation of said compounds, and starting materials for the synthesis of said oligomers.. Ajinomoto, March 16, 1988: EP0260032-A2 (51 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed a compound having a double chain which is composed of an RNA (+chain) and a complementary DNA (-chain), wherein a portion of the DNA (-chain) has been replaced by an RNA or a derivative thereof, and wherein, when the compound is subjected to the action of an enzyme having a ribonu ...

Shiokawa Kozo, Tsuboi Shinichi, Sasaki Shoko, Moriya Koichi, Hattori Yumi, Shibuya Katsuhiko: Heterocyclic compounds.. Nihon Tokushu Noyaku Seizo, March 16, 1988: EP0259738-A2 (46 worldwide citation)

Es wurden neue heterocyclische verbindungen der Formel (I) bereitgestellt, in der W für eine substituierte Pyridyl-Gruppe oder eine 5- oder 6-gliedrige, gegebenenfalls substituierte heterocyclische Gruppe steht, die wenigstens zwei Hetero-Atome ausgewählt aus Stauerstoff-, Schwefel- und Stickstoff-A ...

Bruno Giacomo, Carvani Luigi, Passoni Giovanni: Process to produce a high methane content gas mixture from coal.. Eniricerche, Snam, March 16, 1988: EP0259927-A1 (43 worldwide citation)

A process is disclosed, to produce a high methane content gas mixture from coal, comprising the following steps: a) coal grinding to a granulometry not larger than 5 mm, preferably not larger than 2 mm; b) addition of one or more alkali and/or alkali-earth compounds to the ground coal, wherein the a ...

Gorman Cornelia Maxine: Improved recombinant expression method, vector and transformed cells.. Genentech, March 16, 1988: EP0260148-A2 (42 worldwide citation)

A method for continuous production of a desired heterologous protein comprising constructing an expression vector having a stabilizing sequence downstream of a promoter and upstream of the DNA encoding the desired heterologous protein, transfecting and choosing a particular eukaryotic host cell for ...

Arzeno Humberto B, Morgans David J Jr: Selective amidination of diamines.. Syntex, March 16, 1988: EP0260118-A1 (42 worldwide citation)

An omega -guanidino- alpha -amino acid (or its functional derivative) or a compound containing it may be prepared by the reaction of the omega -amino group of an alpha , omega -diamino acid (or its functional derivative) or a compound containing it with a formamidinesulfonic acid.

Veenendaal Cornelis T: Piezoelectric pressure sensing apparatus for integrated circuit testing stations.. Tektronix, March 16, 1988: EP0259942-A2 (37 worldwide citation)

A pressure sensing apparatus for use in an integrated circuit testing station is disclosed. The testing station includes a probe, a support structure, and lift means for moving an integrated circuit upward toward the probe. The invention specifically consists of a pressure pad secured to the support ...

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