Christopher J Dudden: Two speed gearbox. Desoutter, Holman & Stern, March 8, 1988: US04729260 (259 worldwide citation)

A two speed gearbox comprises an input shaft, an output shaft and a reduction gear mechanism, such as an epicyclic gear mechanism, having high speed low torque and low speed high torque output drives. A dog clutch connects the high speed output drive to the output shaft when the clutch is fully enga ...

Harold J Vinegar, Monroe H Waxman: Time-domain induced polarization logging method and apparatus with gated amplification level. Shell Oil Company, March 8, 1988: US04730162 (228 worldwide citation)

The stimulus signal for an induced polarization logging system is presented to the formation intermittently, alternately being applied and removed as a square wave of alternating polarity, and the response signal amplification level is time gated with the stimulus signal.

Rodney A Henrie: Catheter for removing occlusive material. March 8, 1988: US04729763 (187 worldwide citation)

A catheter is provided for removing occlusive material from the stenosis of a blood vessel. The catheter comprises a flexible outer tube and a flexible rotatable inner tube which is concentric with and spaced radially inward of the outer tube forming a channel between the two tubes through which liq ...

John E MacCrisken: Adaptive data compression system. Adaptive Computer Technologies, Flehr Hohbach Test Albritton & Herbert, March 8, 1988: US04730348 (180 worldwide citation)

A data compression system for increasing the speed of data transmission system over a communication channel with a predefined data transmission rate. The system has two data compression units--one on each end of the channel, coupled to first and second data processing systems. Input data from either ...

Thomas A Milheiser: Identification system. Identification Devices, Saidman Sterne Kessler & Goldstein, March 8, 1988: US04730188 (180 worldwide citation)

A passive integrated transponder (PIT) is attached to or embedded in an item to be identified. It is excited via an inductive coupling from an interrogator. The PIT responds to the interrogator via the inductive coupling with a signal constituting a stream of data unique to the identified item. The ...

William R Frazier Jr: Programmable time invariant coherent spread symbol correlator. Harris, Antonelli Terry & Wands, March 8, 1988: US04730340 (168 worldwide citation)

An hybrid array correlator is configured of a cascaded array of individually identical correlator cells, through which a preselectable reference symbol sequence, identifiable with a symbol to be acquired, is successively clocked, from cell to cell and then recirculated back to the beginning or first ...

Greg A Bengeult: Launcher for surface wave transmission lines. The Boeing Company, Christensen O Connor Johnson & Kindness, March 8, 1988: US04730172 (152 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a surface signal launcher for coupling RF signals between a coaxial cable in a single-wire surface wave transmission line. The signal launcher includes a shell-like, electrically conductive launcher horn that is installed at the juncture of the coaxial cable and the surface wave transmi ...

Francis A L Esperance Jr: Apparatus for performing ophthalmic laser surgery. LRI, Hopgood Calimafde Kalil Blaustein & Judlowe, March 8, 1988: US04729372 (148 worldwide citation)

The invention contemplates controlled ablation of the cornea, using ultraviolet laser radiation, wherein irradiated flux density and exposure time are so controlled as to achieve desired depth of the ablation. Sculpturing action results from controlled change of projected laser-spot size, in the cou ...

David R Hall: Transistion layer polycrystalline diamond bearing. Smith International, Willian Brinks Olds Hofer Gilson & Lione, March 8, 1988: US04729440 (140 worldwide citation)

An earth boring apparatus is disclosed having bearing members comprised of transition layer polycrystalline diamond. The transition layer polycrystalline diamond bearings include a polycrystalline diamond layer interfaced with a composite transition layer comprising a mixture of diamond crystals and ...

Rodney B Hawkinson, Julius A Sarto: Apparatus for advancing shelved goods. PCR Company, Melvin R Stidham, March 8, 1988: US04729481 (134 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for advancing packaged goods on a shelf comprises an upright pressure plate carried on the end of a flexible belt. The belt is carried on a roll which is spring biased to wind the belt thereon so that a row of articles positioned along the belt and engaged by the pressure plate will be pus ...