Bonnemoy Marc: Apparatus for automatically personalizing cards.. Bonnemoy Marc, February 24, 1988: EP0256921-A1 (114 worldwide citation)

L'invention concerne un appareil de personnalisation de cartes comprenant au moins un dispositif de traitement desdites cartes et un automate de manipulation. Le dispositif de traitement comprend plusieurs unités de personnalisation (5) associées à une unité de commande. L'automate de manipulation c ...

Oda Masatsugu Mitsubishi Kasei, Sasaki Naoko, Sakaki Toshiro, Tomita Hirofumi, Nonaka Nobuyuki: Pyridinecarboxamide derivatives and their use as fungicide.. Mitsubishi Chem, February 24, 1988: EP0256503-A2 (80 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are novel pyridinecarboxamide derivatives represented by the general formula: wherein X represents a halogen atom, methyl group or trifluoromethyl group, R represents a lower alkyl group or halogen atom, n represents an integer of 1 to 6, and m represents 0 or 1, methods for their manufact ...

Tan Zuyou: Health-giving cigarette. Tan Zuyou, February 24, 1988: CN87104459 (59 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a health-giving cigarette not containing carcinogenic substance, even not containing any detrimental substance. It is composed of heat-generator, cigarette effect substance, case and holder. It contains chemical substance which is prepared based on the known smoke co ...

谭祖佑: 健康香烟. 谭祖佑, February 24, 1988: CN87104459 (59 worldwide citation)


Stevens Paul, Houston L L, Zimmerman Robert, Koths Kirston Edward, Issell Brian: Combination therapy using anti-tumor monoclonal antibodies and/or immunotoxins with interleukin-2.. Cetus, February 24, 1988: EP0256714-A2 (58 worldwide citation)

Anti-tumor activity in humans can be augmented by administering to the mammalian host a pharmacologically effective amount of mammalian IL-2 and at least one immunotoxin that binds selectively to human tumor cells and/or at least one monoclonal antibody that binds selectively to human tumor cells. T ...

Mori Toru Oki Electric Industr: Transaction processing apparatus.. Oki Electric, February 24, 1988: EP0256768-A2 (56 worldwide citation)

A transaction processing system using a microchip card comprises a customer's microchip card reader/writer for communicating with a customer's microchip card in which a balance is recorded, and a vendor's microchip card reader/writer that can be electrically coupled to the customer's microchip card ...

Blackmore Kevin Daryl, Walker Adrian William: Bus. Gec Avionics, February 24, 1988: GB2194085-A (52 worldwide citation)

A bus arrangement which is particularly suitable for use with systems involving transputers is disclosed, which bus is a two wire bus connected to the one pair of the INMOS link connections on a transputer (RTM), 4. Spur lines are taken off the bus to other transputers in a system, which transputers ...

Schoemaker Hubert J P, Sun Lee K: Chimeric rodent/human immunoglobulin specific for tumour-associated antigens.. Centocor, February 24, 1988: EP0256654-A2 (52 worldwide citation)

Chimeric rodent/human antibodies specific for cancer cell antigens are disclosed. The antibodies are made up of variable regions for cancer antigens derived from murine immunoglobulins and constant regions from human immunoglobulins The murine variable regions retain antigen binding specificity when ...

Devlin James Joseph, Devlin Patricia Egan, Kawasaki Ernest Seigo, Warren Mary Kim: Expression of g-csf and muteins thereof and their use.. Cetus, February 24, 1988: EP0256843-A1 (45 worldwide citation)

Human recombinant G-CSF (hr-G-CSF), an mRNA fraction encoding hr-G-CSF, a DNA sequence encoding hr-G-CSF, modified DNA sequences encoding hr-G-CSF, that are expressed at high levels in recombinant hosts are disclosed. Modifications to the 5 min DNA sequence encoding mature mG-CSF are also disclosed. ...

Phillips Roger, Mcgarraugh Geoffery, Jurik Frank, Underwood Ray: Method for the determination of glucose in whole blood.. Lifescan, February 24, 1988: EP0256806-A2 (45 worldwide citation)

A method for determining the presence of an analyte in a fluid is described along with an apparatus specifically designed to carry out the method. The method involves taking a reflectance reading from one surface (15) of an inert porous matrix (11) impregnated with a reagent that will interact with ...

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