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The invention relates to a process for the preparation of oligonucleotides by the following steps: reaction of a nucleoside with a phosphine derivative, reaction of the nucleotide derivative thus obtained with a nucleoside bonded to a polymeric carrier, oxidation of the carrier-bound nucleoside-nucl ...

Vincent L Vaillancourt: Post-injection needle sheath. Ralph R Roberts, February 16, 1988: US04725267 (259 worldwide citation)

A post-injection needle sheath for enclosing the sharpened end of a needle used with a syringe is shown with and without spring actuation. This sheath is initially in a compact and secured condition on the needle hub and has a substantial portion of the needle exposed for insertion into a patient or ...

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A postage and mailing information system wherein an encrypted message based upon postage and mail address information is created. This encrypted message is used in the determination of authenticity. Another aspect of the invention resides in placing the encrypted message in the address field of a ma ...

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A radiotherapy machine includes a microwave powered accelerator to produce an energetic beam of charged particles, bending and focussing magnets to parallel scan the beam in a plane and collimators to make the resulting parallel scanned beam into paraxial rays of charged particles or X-rays. The bea ...

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A computer terminal device includes a flat screen display element and a touch-sensitive element. Simulated keyboards can be displayed on the display element and, in response to the touching of the simulated keys, generate appropriate control signals. The same flat screen display can also be used to ...

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A restricted purpose, commercial, monetary regulation method is provided whereby a network is established between the business user, the acceptor of the restricted purpose card and a financial institution so that the business user obtains a unique identification number that enables him to purchase o ...

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A device is provided for applying flexible fasteners to tissue to close a wound or incision. The device has a front housing mounted for rotation relative to a rear housing. A needle projects laterally from the front housing. The needle is curved, hollow, and slotted for receiving a portion of a fast ...

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A contingent dosing device which actively controls the pattern in which doses of one or more pharmaceutical preparations are administered to a patient. The device is programmed with information concerning an initial dosing regimen, and monitors deviations from that regimen. Based on the acceptabilit ...

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An improved method of entering instructions to a data processing system to modify the display includes voice recognition. In one embodiment the screen is divided into sectors and the memory supplying data bits to the display is functionally divided in a corresponding way. The operator utters sector ...

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A method of establishing a dielectric periodic index of refraction phase grating upon the core of an optical waveguide by intense angled application of several transverse beams of ultraviolet light, enabling the establishment of a distributed, spatially resolving optical fiber strain gauge.