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Substituted imidazoles such as are useful as angiotensin II blockers. These compounds have activity in treating hypertension and congestive heart failure.

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Oximether der Formel in der R und R Wasserstoff oder Alkyl, X (m = 1 bis 5) Halogen, Cyano, Trifluormethyl, Nitro, Alkyl, Alkoxy, gegebenenfalls substituiertes Phenyl, Phenoxy, Benzyloxy oder Wasserstoff und Y Methylenoxy, Oxymethylen, Ethylen, Ethenylen, Ethinylen oder Sauerstoff bedeutet, und dies ...

Sasaki Masayoshi: Semiconductor memory device.. Oki Electric, January 20, 1988: EP0253631-A2 (128 worldwide citation)

In a semiconductor memory device, a memory cell comprises a first MOS transistor (Q1) of a first channel type formed on a semiconductor substrate (21) and having a gate electrode (25) connected to a word line. A charge storage electrode 28 is connected to the drain (24) of the first transistor and f ...

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Nouveaux dérivés du taxol de formule générale (I) dans laquelle R représente hydrogène ou acétyle, un des symboles R1 ou R2 représente hydroxy et l'autre représente tertiobutoxycarbonylamino et leurs isomères, leur préparation et les compositions phamaceutiques qui les contiennent

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Die Verbindungen der allgemeinen Formel worin X und Y -CH2- oder >C(CH3)2; Z einen Rest -CHR-, >CO, >CROR, -CHR-CHR-, -CHOR-CH2-, -CO-CHOR- oder -CHOR-CHOR- darstellt; R einen 5- oder 6-gliedrigen, mono-cyclisch-heterocyclischen Rest darstellt, der durch Halogen, nieder-Alkyl, nieder-Alkoxy, Acyloxy ...

Oshlack Benjamin: Controlled release bases for pharmaceuticals.. Euro Celtique, January 20, 1988: EP0253104-A1 (105 worldwide citation)

The release of therapeutically active agents from controlled release bases is extended by using a combination of a higher aliphatic alcohol and an acrylic resin as the base material.

Tucker Howard: Substituted anilides having antiandrogenic properties.. Ici, January 20, 1988: EP0253503-A2 (94 worldwide citation)

An acylanilide of the formula:- wherein R or R which may be the same or different, each is an electron-withdrawing substituent, alkylthio or phenylthio or R is hydrogen, alkyl or alkoxy; wherein R is hydrogen or halogen; wherein R is hydrogen or alkyl, or is joined to R as stated below: wherein R is ...

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Procédé de préparation du taxol et du désacétyl-10 taxol à partir d'un produit de formule générale (I) dans laquelle R' représente un radical acétyle ou trichloro-2,2,2 éthoxycarbonyle.

Upton Gertrude Virginia: Combination dosage form for premenopausal women.. American Home Prod, January 20, 1988: EP0253607-A1 (66 worldwide citation)

Disclosed herein is a method of providing hormonal replacement therapy and contraception for a pre-menopausal woman, which comprises administering to a pre-menopausal woman in need thereof a combination dosage form of an estrogen selected from 0.5-2.0 mg. of 17 beta -estradiol, 0.008-0.030 mg. of et ...

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Novel pH-sensitive immunoconjugates which dissociate in low-pH tumor tissue, comprising a chemotherapeutic agent and an antibody reactive with a tumor-associated antigen are described. The chemotherapeutic agent is coupled to the antibody by a link which is unstable in low pH. The link may comprise ...