Irving J Higgins, Hugh A O Hill, Elliot V Plotkin: Sensor for components of a liquid mixture. Genetics International, December 8, 1987: US04711245 (692 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to equipment and methods for detecting the presence of, measuring the amount of, and/or monitoring the level of, one or more selected components in a liquid mixture, employing an electrode sensing system.

David C Ward, Pennina R Langer, Alexander A Waldrop III: Modified nucleotides and methods of preparing and using same. Yale University, James F Haley Jr, December 8, 1987: US04711955 (532 worldwide citation)

Compounds having the structure: ##STR1## wherein B represents a purine, 7-deazapurine, or pyrimidine moiety covalently bonded to the C.sup.1' -position of the sugar moiety, provided that when B is purine or 7-deazapurine, it is attached at the N.sup.9 -position of the purine or 7-deazapurine and whe ...

Kenneth B Stokes: Body implantable lead. Medtronic, Vidas & Arrett, December 8, 1987: US04711251 (381 worldwide citation)

A body implantable lead for the delivery of stimulation energy to a desired body site including a drug dispenser carried by the lead which retains a drug to be dispensed while allowing a dispensing of that drug at least adjacent the desired body stimulation site. The drug may be one which is intende ...

Hans E P Kohler: Remote control hand apparatus for operating different modules. U S Philips Corporation, Robert T Mayer, Bernard Franzblau, December 8, 1987: US04712105 (356 worldwide citation)

Remote control hand apparatus for operating different modules such as a TV-receiver, teletext decoder, video recorder, VLP player, audio system, audio tuner, compact disc player, audio recorder, etc. This hand apparatus has a plurality of module keys by means of which the user can get access to a sp ...

Preston E Blair, Frank S Preston: TV animation interactively controlled by the viewer. December 8, 1987: US04711543 (333 worldwide citation)

An animation method supersedes the motion picture branching method by, first, enabling rapid and repeated switching of multiple tracks of different camera-originated animation of the same character during continuous action in a scene, and second, by enabling branching at the termination of an action ...

Steven F Bierman: Catheterization system. Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, December 8, 1987: US04711636 (260 worldwide citation)

A catheterization system is comprised of an anchoring pad permitting one-time attachment to a patient, a catheter, and a tubing adaptor. The catheter is mounted on the anchoring pad in order to prevent lateral or longitudinal movement with respect to the patient, thereby preventing injury. The tubin ...

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A compact head-up display comprising a combiner which combines light energy from an outside view with light energy transmitted within the combiner and diffracted out by means of an upper diffraction grating. The head-up display disclosed further comprises an image source, a collimating lens, and a l ...

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A system in a subscriber television network for enabling descrambling of a received scrambled signal on a prepaid basis and/or an impulse-purchase basis. A received mask signal uniquely related to the scrambled signal is compared with a received authorization signal indicating whether the subscriber ...

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A method and apparatus prevent unauthorized programming viewing via a downloadable cable television converter. A booter checksum is computed from data contained in a downloaded booter image. A valid checksum is extracted from tag data associated with a scrambled program signal transmitted on the cab ...

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A monomer for making a contact lens with improved oxygen permeability and stability is disclosed as having a first portion for increasing wettability and a second portion for increasing oxygen permeability. The first portion includes a side-chain functionality of the structural formula: ##STR1## and ...