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A compact, lightweight, variable rate suction and collection device is provided for the withdrawal and collection of fluid from a patient. The device includes a collection receptacle which is connected to the patient and to a pump through suction inlet, so that suction is created within the collecti ...

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A heatable dilation catheter includes an elongated flexible catheter which has an inflatable balloon attached to its distal end. The balloon has a heating element attached to it. A lumen provides a passageway which allows fluid to be introduced to inflate the balloon so that the heating element is i ...

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A vaulted diaphragm for providing occlusion in a descending thoracic aorta, includes a flexible and substantially circular element, and a plurality of resilient ribs having inner and outer ends supporting the circular element. The inner ends of the ribs are joined together at a hub with the ribs ext ...

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Spatial light modulators with deflectable metal flaps hinged to conducting posts on a substrate are disclosed. The metal flaps and conducting post may be a single piece, and connected to addressing circuitry in the substrate. Also, plasma etching to fabricate the flaps without breakage is disclosed.

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The location method uses relatively low frequency electromagnetic fields, e.g., 1-1000 Hz, for determining the relative position and/or orientation of a transmitting magnetic dipole antenna by using a vector field receiver. The transmitting antenna for subterranean location, is preferably a single a ...

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A method and apparatus to enable billing of subscribers of pay-per-view television systems or the like on a non-real-time basis. A scrambled television signal is received at a subscriber terminal from a headend. The received signal is selectively descrambled in response to subscriber action indicati ...

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A display panel comprising a liquid crystal device comprising a plurality of picture elements arranged in a plurality of rows and columns, each picture element comprising a ferroelectric crystal under bistability condition showing either a first or a second orientation state; means for orienting the ...

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A video conferencing network includes remote video terminals (10) interconnected to a switching network (66) through coaxial cables (16). The switching network (66) is operable to provide an audio and video data path between two or more video terminals (10). The switching network (66) operates as bo ...

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A drill stop apparatus for use with an elongated drill bit is provided. The drill bit has a drilling end that is used to drill a hole of a specified, predetermined depth. The bit also has a plurality of circumferentially extending, axially spaced grooves formed on its outer surface. The drill stop i ...

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Video game apparatus and method includes an arrangement for acquiring and storing data representing an image of the face of a game player or other entity and for selectively incorporating the image of the entity throughout the play of the game at predetermined locations on the video game display and ...