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Coagulation electrodes are described which are intended for the thermal coagulation of biological tissue by means of high-frequency electrical alternating current. The area adjoining the contact surface of the coagulation electrode is designed as a heat sink with such a great heat capacity value and ...

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A method for discriminating a specific base sequence from a variant base sequence comprises subjecting adjacent segments of a target base sequence to hybridisation with a detectable first nucleotide probe and with a second nucleotide probe to form a hybrid, the nucleotide sequence of the first and s ...

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A device for insertion into the stomach of a patient for treating the patient for obesity, comprises an inflatable balloon (2) including a self-closing valve (23) at one end (21) for intrducing an inflating fluid, and a projecting ear (24) integrally formed with the balloon at the opposite end (22) ...

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A cutter, for use in a rotary drill bit, comprises a number of thermally stable polycrystalline diamond elements 21 at least partly embedded in a slug 20 of cemented tungsten carbide, the cemented tungsten carbide having been formed by hot pressing with cobalt. The thermally stable polycrystalline d ...

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A visceral anchor and method for visceral wall mobilization is disclosed. The visceral anchor includes an elongated cross bar to which a suture is attached at a location substantially in the center of the cross bar. The cross bar further includes a helical spring sheath which jackets a rigid rod, th ...

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A liquid crystal display device comprising a liquid crystal cell (6) formed of a twist nematic liquid crystal (9) positioned between two electrode substrates (7,8) and a pair of polarisers (1,10) which are located one on either side of the liquid crystal cell (6), characterised in that at least one ...

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An inductive device includes a principal magnetic core (11) having a principal winding (10) coupled therewith so that the reluctance of the principal core influences the inductance of the principal winding. A control winding (12) is coupled to a control magnetic core (13) so that the current in the ...

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Particulate graft polymers comprising a core (a) of a crosslinked silicone rubber, a first shell (b) of a crosslinked acrylate rubber and a second shell (c) of a polymer or copolymer made from resin-forming monomers.

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A novel series of articles useful as implants and prostheses and methods for their preparation and use are provided which utilize polyanhydride polymeric matrices as a general class of materials. These articles are biocompatible, non-inflammatory and degrade predictably into non-toxic residues after ...

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A glass-fiber reinforced thermoplastic resin molded article superior in mechanical strength and a method for producing the same is provided by using glass fibers having elongated non-circular cross-section such as oblong shape, elliptic shape or cocoon-shape as reinforcing materials. The glass fiber ...