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An electrochemical system includes a sensor module suitable for implantation in the body to monitor glucose and oxygen levels therein. The module has two oxygen sensors situated in an oxygen-permeable housing, arranged in a tandem relationship, and recessed in the housing, one sensor being unaltered ...

Rickwood Martin, Hepworth John David: Photochromic articles.. Pilkington Brothers, November 11, 1987: EP0245020-A2 (76 worldwide citation)

A plastic organic photochromic article, typically a lens such as an ophthalmic lens or a window such as a vehicle roof light, comprising a plastics host material having a photochromic compound incorporated therein or applied thereto, the article being characterised in that it exhibits the following ...

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The tube comprises a main channel (1) and at least one auxiliary channel (2) parallel to the main channel and opening into the main channel at a short distance (3) from the distal end. According to the invention, this tube is characterised in that the said main channel (1) comprises, in the vicinity ...

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There is described a process for preparing a clotting factor V concentrate, in which such a concentrate of blood plasma or a fraction of blood plasma containing an anticoagulant is prepared by adding a salt of a divalent metal in such an amount that the concentration of divalent cations is smaller t ...

Melen Simon Charles, Murray Stephen John: Gaming and amusement machines. Bell Fruit Mfg, November 11, 1987: GB2190227-A (41 worldwide citation)

A fruit machine provides a special dice feature in which the reels (1, 2, 3 and 4) are advanced together stepwise and the player uses 'hold' buttons (6, 7, 8 and 9) to halt the reels with the aim of bringing dice symbols (11, 13 and 14) onto the win line W, or causing them to pass through the win li ...


Kredo Theodore Athony: Heat exchanger tube.. Garrett, November 11, 1987: EP0245022-A1 (40 worldwide citation)

A heat exchanger (10) has a core (11) built up from a stack of layers. Each alternate layer consists of a tube (24) bult up from two identical U-shaped members (40, 41) having a folded and unfolded side. The unfolded side (44) of each is slid into the fold (48) of the other. Fins (30) are fitted in ...

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The apparatus comprises a plenum or main chamber which is divided into two chamber halves. A rotatable index plate is disposed in the chamber. An article to be processed is inserted into a load-lock station formed in the main chamber. After the article is inserted into the load-lock, it is engaged b ...

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Es wird eine Kraft- oder Schmierstoffzusammensetzung vorgeschlagen, die dadurch gekennzeichnet ist, dass sie mindestens ein Polybutyl- oder Polyisobutylamin enthält, das der allgemeinen Formel I entspricht: worin R1 einen von Isobuten und bis zu 2O Gew.-% n-Buten abgeleiteten Polybutyl- oder Polyiso ...

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Improved pharmaceutical salts of amlodipine, particularly the besylate salt, and pharmaceutical compositions thereof. These salts find utility as anti-ischaemic and anti-hypertensive agents.