Patrick Young: TV schedule system and process. Flehr Hohbach Test Albritton & Herbert, November 10, 1987: US04706121 (1351 worldwide citation)

A system (90) controls a television receiver (126) to allow user selection of broadcast programs from schedule information. A data processor (110) is connected to receive the schedule information from an FM receiver (94), decoder (98) and data demodulator (102). A user remote control transmitter 116 ...

Peter R Mueller, Alan S Brown, Marc J Tolkoff, Frank B Crawford: Percutaneous fixation of hollow organs. Medi Tech Incorporated, November 10, 1987: US04705040 (516 worldwide citation)

For percutaneous fixation of a hollow organ of a body, a hollow needle carrying a retaining device attached to a tension filament through the skin into the hollow organ, the retaining device is released from the needle, and the organ is fixed by adjusting the tension on the filament and clamping the ...

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A configurable logic circuit achieves versatility by including a configurable combinational logic element, a configurable storage circuit, and a configurable output select logic. The input signals to the configurable combinational logic element are input signals to the configurable logic circuit and ...

Zvi Kamil: Telephone system. Aerotel, Sandler & Greenblum, November 10, 1987: US04706275 (379 worldwide citation)

A telephone system enabling prepayment for telephone calls, wherein special code and credit information is stored in memory in special exchanges and debited as the call progresses.

Douglas D Sjostrom, Edvin Zemgals: Surgical system for powered instruments. Dyonics, November 10, 1987: US04705038 (350 worldwide citation)

A single-motor surgical system for operating a set of different surgical devices having different operational limits, consisting of a handpiece containing the motor and adapted to alternately receive a proximal portion of each of the surgical devices, each device having an indicator on its proximal ...

Tiong C Go: High-density electronic modules--process and product. Irvine Sensors Corporation, Thomas J Plante, November 10, 1987: US04706166 (252 worldwide citation)

A high-density electronic module is disclosed, which is suitable for use as a DRAM, SRAM, ROM, logic unit, arithmetic unit, etc. It is formed by stacking integrated-circuit chips, each of which carries integrated circuitry. The chips are glued together, with their leads along one edge, so that all t ...

Joseph A DiPisa Jr: Percutaneously deliverable intravascular occlusion prosthesis. Becton Dickinson and Company, Richard J Rodrick, November 10, 1987: US04705517 (231 worldwide citation)

An intravascular prosthesis comprises a lining rolled upon itself around an axis so that it is introducible into a vascular lumen. An inflatable channel is included for unrolling the lining when the prosthesis is positioned within the lumen so that the lining may engage the vascular wall to provide ...

David A Addleman, Lloyd A Addleman: Rapid three-dimensional surface digitizer. Cyberware Laboratory, Paul B Fihe, November 10, 1987: US04705401 (188 worldwide citation)

The invention is a method and apparatus for automatic mensuration of three-dimensional surfaces. The surface is sensed via non-contact optical triangulation means and the optically produced image measured by electronic means. The electronic measurements are encoded as binary data and passed to a dig ...

Paul W Boyles: Arterial catheter means. Mills & Coats, November 10, 1987: US04705507 (170 worldwide citation)

An arterial catheter of the multi-lumen type having an inflatable balloon portion to wedge the catheter in place against the arterial wall. Multi-infusions are allowed through the segmented multi-lumens. This catheter is so designed to allow blood to flow in the arterial system with the catheter in ...

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An introducer sheath includes a connector body having an inlet and an outlet; a flexible tube for intravenous use at the outlet, including a helical coiled spring having a plurality of coils, each coil spaced from an adjacent coil, and a thin cylindrical wall prepared from a protective coating compo ...