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An electrochemical system includes a sensor module suitable for implantation in the body to monitor glucose and oxygen levels therein. The module has two oxygen sensors situated in an oxygen-permeable housing, arranged in a tandem relationship, and recessed in the housing, one sensor being unaltered ...

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A garment with a backsheet (12), a bodyside liner (14) essentially coterminous with the backsheet (12) and forming a shape with a front waist section (18), a back waist section (20) and side sections connecting the front waist section (18) to the back waist section (20) and first and second flaps (3 ...

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Apparatus and methods for automatically controlling programing transmissions and presentations on television and radio equipment and monitoring the programing transmitted and presented. ("Programing" here means everything transmitted over television or radio intended for communication of entertainme ...

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The improvement in an intraluminal stapling instrument comprising a collapsible means disposed on the central member of said instrument. The collapsible means holds the tissue to be joined in the proper position with respect the fasteners being used to accomplish the fastening and also acts as a gui ...

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A method and apparatus for resecting a distal femoral surface in which an intramedullary rod is inserted through the distal surface of the femur and along the femoral shaft access, leaving a protruding end; a jig is attached to the protruding end, the jig having a shaft for receiving the rod end and ...

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An electrical resistance heater capable of generating heat at different rates at different locations along its length comprises a continuous and unitary electrical conductor having a thickness which is different at different locations along its length.

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A disposable waste containment garment which is particularly useful and leakage resistant for bedridden incontinent adults. The garment has side-edge-leakage-guard gutters having closed ends, and longitudinally elasticized distal edges. The gutters and the other garment elements are configured and d ...

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A computer based system and method determines, and displays possible chemical structures for converting two naturally aggregated but chemically separated polypeptide chains into a single polypeptide chain which will fold into a three dimensional structure very similar to the original structure made ...

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Thrombus formation in an implantable blood pump is prevented by using a close-tolerance purge seal for the impeller shaft or rotor. A blood-compatible fluid is used for the purge fluid (which is preferably also the bearing fluid), and the purge flow into the blood stream presents to the blood stream ...