Sperlich Josef Dipl Ing: Method for determining the sojourn cell of a mobile station in a mobile radio network.. Ant Nachrichtentech, October 21, 1987: EP0241565-A1 (17 worldwide citation)

1. Method for determining that radio cell of a cellular mobile radio network, with the associated fixed station of which a mobile station shall enter into radio connection, wherein transit time measurements are performed by the mobile radio station on signals which the fixed stations of surrounding ...

Boylan Desmond: Process for treating and packing mussels or other bivalve seafood.. Cloncorry, October 21, 1987: EP0242183-A1 (16 worldwide citation)

A process for packing and treating mussels or other bivalve seafood comprises arranging the bivalves (10) in at least one layer in an envelope (11) which is adapted to maintain the shells (13, 14,) of the bivalves in a substantially closed condition, and thereafter heating the bivalves and envelope ...

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A decoy consists of a body (of the solid or shell type) connected by a spring 13 to a joint which is at one end of a support 10. The body has an upstanding fin 16 at the tail portion thereof. The point at which the spring 13 is connected to the body is displaced, towards said fin 16, from the point ...

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A computer-based linguistic analysis method and apparatus is disclosed which includes a compilation of a classification table for all the words in a dictionary and the compilation of a plurality of inflection pattern tables, each inflection pattern table being referenced by a particular classificati ...

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A process for preparing a linear alpha -olefin having from 4 to 20 carbon atoms is disclosed which comprises polymerizing ethylene or gas containing ethylene in the presence of a catalyst consisting of a zirconium halide, an organoaluminium compound and a Lewis base, and adding a catalyst deactivati ...

Downing Trevor Eric: Blow-moulded containers. Fibrenyle, October 21, 1987: GB2189214-A (16 worldwide citation)

A blow-moulded container has a base (6) with a central region 10 having a recess 12, defined by a peripheral wall (14) and a convex bottom wall 16. The peripheral wall 14 is circular and inclined by approximately 20 DEG to the vertical. The bottom wall 16 is part-spherical with a radius of curvature ...

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A solution of a polymeric binder in a solvent is prepared, a suspension is formed by adding zirconium oxide to the solution in a weight ratio zirconium oxide/polymeric binder of at least 80/20 and a small amount of thixotropic stabilizer. The suspension is ground to deagglomerate the zirconium oxide ...

Reischig Dirk Dr, Hettche Helmut Dr, Brade Wolfgang Dr: Synergistic association of amantadine and selegiline.. Degussa, October 21, 1987: EP0241809-A1 (15 worldwide citation)

Arzneimittel mit synergistischer Wirkung, enthaltend eine Kombination von Amantadin und Selegilin.

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A sampled synchronous transmission signal Vt is represented by a series of samples J at equidistant sampling instants. A computing circuit 5 computes the positions R of the sampling instants relative to the rising edges of a virtual reference clock Cref which is phase-locked to the channel clock. Fo ...

Hawkins Conrad George: Connecting means for panels. Como & Co, October 21, 1987: GB2189290-A (15 worldwide citation)

Items such as screen panels (19) are connected by assemblies attached to adjacent edges thereof, each assembly comprising a first member with a longitudinal web (7) and snap-fitted to a second member having a part-cylindrical shape (35), and a flexible connecting strip (37), the said strip being use ...