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A method and apparatus for playback of a data recording disc which contains a CD area in which a signal such as an audio signals recorded in digital form and a video area in which a FM-modulated video signal is recorded with a digital audio signal superimposed thereon. The position of a data detecti ...

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An integrated chair and control arrangement for tilt back chairs. The chair has a base 4, as well as a back 5 and a bottom or seat 6 which are interconnected for mutual rotation about a common axis 7. The common axis 7 is located above the chair bottom 6, forward of the chair back 5, and generally a ...

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Powdered, cured silicone rubber in the form of microfine particles is prepared by emulsifying a curable liquid silicone rubber composition in a mixture of water and a surfactant at a temperature of from 0 to 25 degrees C, dispersing the curable composition in water heated to a temperature of at leas ...

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In an R-Fe-B permanent magnet produced by a process including a rapid cooling, a composition of {Ra(CebLa1-b)1-a} x (Fe1-zCoz)100-x-y-wByMw (R is at least one rare earth element except for La and Ce but including Y, 5.5

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The basic product for the manufacture of ceramic materials contains at least one substance from the group consisting of: pyrogenically, in particular flame hydrolytically, produced zirconium oxide which has been dispersed in water, optionally doped with salts of rare earths, e.g. yttrium, and spray ...

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A timing control arrangement that dynamically controls the distribution of timing information in a distributed digital communication system. A reference timing signal is distributed from a reference master node 1 to all other nodes 2-6 in the system. The distribution is accomplished on a dynamic bas ...

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This invention relates to an apparatus and method for streaking a sample on a Petri plate. The objective is to provide a method and apparatus in which the inoculum is sequentially streaked in a series of dilutions in a manner closely simulating previous manual practice but with a consistency, safety ...

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A main trolley (1) may be coupled removably to at least one complementary trolley (2) against one of its ends, by coupling means 14, 13 provided in the upper part of both of these two trolleys. Bearing means 17 are provided in the lower part of the complementary trolley. The arrangement is such that ...

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Le manchon de support comprend deux armatures rigides de révolution coaxiales et concentriques (1,2) réunies entre elles par un corps en élastomère (3) adhéré sur celles-ci et conformé de façon à former au moins deux poches étanches (4), ces poches communiquant entre elles par un passage étranglé (6 ...

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The invention provides a method of applying a resin impregnated lining sleeve (28A) to a length of passageway surface wherein the sleeve first of all has a carrier tube (70) everted into the sleeve from one end and out of the other end, the carrier tube (70) is re-inverted to draw the sleeve (28A) i ...