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A transaction card is disclosed having a magnetic stripe emulator. The transaction card is adapted for use with presently available transaction terminals that include a sensor for reading a magnetic stripe. The subject card includes a transducer for generating a varying magnetic field corresponding ...

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A disposable cartridge assembly for a surgical stapling instrument wherein an anvil carrying component comprises constituent anvil elements articulated with respect to each other and presenting an annular anvil surface. A biasing element is provided for biassing the elements into a retracted positio ...

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A probe apparatus for use with an optical oximeter is disclosed. A pair of light emitting diodes emit light of known narrow wavelengths through an appendage of a patient onto a photosensor. A resistor of coded known resistance is used to enable the oximeter to calculate the co-efficient of extinctio ...

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A day/night rearview mirror comprises an optical medium which is electrically driven between transmissive and opaque states. The mirror comprises a housing containing a circuit board assembly over which a mirrored reflecting surface is disposed. The mirrored reflecting surface is in turn overlaid by ...

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A heating structure is described having both a return conductor and a heating element consisting of a substrate of a non-magnetic material having high thermal and electrical conductivity, clad with a surface layer of a ferromagnetic material of relatively low electrical conductivity.

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An olefin polymerization catalyst comprising (a) a supported transition metal containing component comprising the support treated with at least one metallocene and at least one non-metallocene transition metal compound, and a cocatalyst comprising an alumoxane and an organometallic compound of a met ...

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A television receiver which is suitable for displaying teletext pages comprises a control system including a microcomputer. The microcomputer is coupled to a volatile memory which comprises a plurality of page number registers. A page number can be temporarily stored in each of these registers. With ...

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An improved method of doppler searching in a digital GPS receiver is described. According to the principles of the present invention, an N-point fourier transform is performed on samples of a down converted GPS signal representing the entire range of Doppler-shifted GPS carrier frequencies. The magn ...

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The invention concerns a method of automatically steering a self-propelled floor-cleaning machine along a predetermined path of motion on a limited area to be worked, wherein a sequence of path segments stored in a data memory is retrieved, and the path segments travelled by the machine, and wherein ...

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A data compression system includes an input store (1) for receiving and storing a plurality of bytes of data from an outside source. Data processing means for processing successive bytes of data from the input store includes circuit means (21-25) operable to check whether a sequence of bytes is iden ...