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The intraventricular multielectrode cardiac mapping probe comprises a catheter having an open proximal end and an open distal end and four elongate wire assemblies received in the catheter and having a distal end portion, and a proximal end portion extending from the catheter proximal open end. Each ...

Arsen Kashkashian Jr: Multiple credit card system. William H Eilberg, October 13, 1987: US04700055 (350 worldwide citation)

The present invention is a system which enables a user to carry one credit card instead of many. The information pertaining to each credit card account, such as the name of the account, the number of the account, and its expiration date, are encoded on the card, by magnetic means, with a semiconduct ...

John W Toussant, Margaret H Hasse: Disposable diaper having an improved side closure. The Procter & Gamble Company, John M Pollaro, Fredrick H Braun, Richard C Witte, October 13, 1987: US04699622 (319 worldwide citation)

A disposable diaper having an improved side closure is disclosed. The disposable diaper is provided with an outer fastening means and an inner fastening means. The outer fastening means maintains the waist portions of the diaper in an overlapping configuration while the inner fastening means reduces ...

Howard L Dyke: Method of automatically steering agricultural type vehicles. October 13, 1987: US04700301 (251 worldwide citation)

A method of automatically steering a motor vehicle on a preprogrammed course by continuously measuring angles between reference points and using a microprocessor to calculate vehicle position and direction of motion. Points along a prescribed course are sequentially retrieved from a memory and the d ...

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A conjugate of methotrexate to an antibody is prepared by loading methotrexate onto an aminodextran, then specifically conjugating the polymer carrier to the carbohydrate portion of an antitumor antibody, using a reduced Schiff base linkage. The conjugate is useful for tumor targeted therapy.

David L Sieverding: Hydrophilic, elastomeric, pressure-sensitive adhesive. Valleylab, Peter C Richardson, Lawrence C Akers, Gezina Holtrust, October 13, 1987: US04699146 (229 worldwide citation)

The present invention concerns a novel water-insoluble, hydrophilic, pressure-sensitive adhesive that has a number of unique characteristics including being elastomeric and ultraconformable. This adhesive includes an irradiation cross-linked synthetic organic polymer having a three-dimensional matri ...

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An improved absorbent article includes a layer of absorbent material which has a length, a width and a thickness. Particles of superabsorbent material are distributed within the absorbent material layer, and these superabsorbent particles are disposed to form a substantially continuous, non-step-wis ...

Russell W Bowden: Biliary stent introducer. C R Bard, Wolf Greenfield & Sacks, October 13, 1987: US04699611 (178 worldwide citation)

A device and technique for percutaneous placement of a tubular prosthesis involves gripping the leading end of the prosthesis by an expandable member inserted into the lumen of the prosthesis from the trailing end of the prosthesis. The expandable member grips the prosthesis at its leading end so th ...

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Apparatus for sensing the passage of sheets (1) through a nip formed by rollers (5 and 6), includes means for sensing the deflection of one roller relative to the other, the sensing means including an oscillator (18) providing a train of signals the frequency of which varies with the amount of the r ...

Branko Palcic, Bruno Jaggi, Jan Nordin: Dynamic microscope image processing scanner. Christie Parker & Hale, October 13, 1987: US04700298 (156 worldwide citation)

An image scanner for microscopic objects. The image scanner has a microscope with a high precision computer controlled motor driven stage to provide X,Y plane displacements in order to scan microscopic objects under the microscope. There is an image sensor and a digitizer in association with the mic ...