Winter Gregory Paul: Chimeric antibodies. Winter Gregory Paul, October 7, 1987: GB2188638-A (222 worldwide citation)

An altered antibody is produced by replacing the complementarity determining regions (CDRs) of a variable region of an immunoglobulin (Ig) with the CDRs from an Ig of different specificity, using recombinant DNA techniques. The gene coding sequences for producing the altered antibody may be produced ...

Ruthefoord Charles Thomas, Frank Nancy S: Interactive video composition and presentation systems.. Ibm, October 7, 1987: EP0239884-A1 (147 worldwide citation)

A method is disclosed for specifying and executing independent, multi-media tasks along a synchronizing time-line, preferably in the form of a spreadsheet matrix with the event elements making up the rows and the time periods the columns. The media include various pieces of hardware such as touch sc ...

Shewmaker Christine K, Kridl Jean C, Hiatt William R, Knauf Vic: Anti-sense regulation of gene expression in plant cells.. Calgene, October 7, 1987: EP0240208-A2 (92 worldwide citation)

Regulation of expression of genes encoded for in plant cell genomes is achieved by integration of a gene under the transcriptional control of a promoter which is functional in the host and in which the transcribed strand of DNA is complementary to the strand of DNA that is transcribed from the endog ...

Byker Harlan Jay: Single compartment, self-erasing, solution-phase electro-chromic devices solutions for use therein, and uses thereof.. Gentex, October 7, 1987: EP0240226-A2 (86 worldwide citation)

Single-compartment, self-erasing, solution-phase electrochromic devices, solutions of electrochromic compounds for use as media of variable transmittance in such devices, and electrochromic compounds for such solutions are provided. The devices of the invention are surprisingly stable to cycling bet ...

Straathof Theodericus Johannes, Konig Axel: Biodegradable fabric softeners.. Procter & Gamble, Procter & Gamble Europ, October 7, 1987: EP0239910-A2 (58 worldwide citation)

Fabric softening compositions which are rapidly biodegradable and particularly shelf stable are disclosed. These compositions contain a specific quaternary ammonium, and are formulated in a narrowly defined pH range.

Mai Tu Xuan, Daho Taghezout: Mechanical-to-electrical energy converter.. Asulab, October 7, 1987: EP0239820-A1 (33 worldwide citation)

1. A mechanical-to-electrical energy converter which comprises : - an electrical energy generator (2; 30; 50) having a rotor (3) and means (6, 7; 40, 41, 7) for generating said electrical energy in response to rotation of said rotor (3) ; - means (8) for storing at least temporarily said electrical ...

Snyder Michael Edward, Bolich Raymond Edward Jr, Stentz David Michael, Cobb Daniel Scott, Kwasniewski Vincent John: Hair care compositions.. Procter & Gamble, October 7, 1987: EP0240350-A2 (31 worldwide citation)

Hair care compositions which give both improved style retention and hair conditioning properties. The compositions comprise from about 0.01% to about 10% of a rigid silicone polymer and a volatile carrier.

Steketee Jr Campbell Hall: Lining pipes. Steketee Jr Campbell Hall, October 7, 1987: GB2188695-A (30 worldwide citation)

A thermoplastic conduit 10 is heated a sufficient amount to make it pliable and while in this state its dimension in cross section is reduced (Fig. 2, not shown). It is inserted in this reduced dimension and in a pliable state into a pipe 14 to be lined (Fig. 4, not shown). It is then expanded eg. b ...

Dobbs Roger Clive, Doel Geoffrey Royston: Oral hygiene compositions. Beecham Group, October 7, 1987: GB2188548-A (28 worldwide citation)

An oral hygiene composition comprises from 0.01 to 2.0% of a water soluble ionic fluorine-containing compound, an ionic calcium containing abrasive material, at least 1.8% by weight of the composition of a dialkali metal or tetra-alkali metal pyrophosphate salt or a mixture thereof, from 0.01% to 9% ...

Ueno Ryuzo, Ueno Ryuji, Kuno Sachiko, Tabata Akihiko: Oligo and polysaccharides for the treatment of diseases caused by retroviruses.. Ueno Seiyaku Oyo Kenkyujo, October 7, 1987: EP0240098-A2 (28 worldwide citation)

The use of a natural or synthetic oligo- or polysaccharide having at least one S-oxoacid group attached to the saccharic carbon atom through a linking group of lower molecular weight or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof for the manufacture of a medicament for treatment of diseases caused by ...