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A control system, as for controlling automotive body functions, is powered by a limited capacity electrical power source and is structured and controlled in a manner to minimize consumption of electrical power. The control system conducts data transactions between a central control station and one o ...

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An electrically erasable programmable memory device which is programmable in the manner of an EPROM and erasable in the manner of an EEPROM. A dielectric layer between the control gate and the floating gate is provided having a high dielectric constant. A thin, uniform gate dielectric layer is provi ...

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The hollow cylindrical wall of the catheter is composed of flexible, electrically insulating, ultrasonically transparent material. Embedded therein are spaced tubular-shaped ultrasonic piezoelectric transducers which substantially surround the lumen. The transducers receive signals from the imaging ...

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Method for monitoring the electrical integrity of a heater and a novel heater for use in such a method. The heater includes an elongate heating member; an insulating jacket which encloses the heating member; a first electrically conductive member which surrounds the insulating jacket; a separating a ...