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A method and apparatus for identifying programs such as television programs received from various sources detects the occurrence of predetermined events such as scene changes in a video signal and extracts a signature from the video signal. The signatures and the times of occurrence of the signature ...

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An improved apparatus is provided to reduce the extent of displacement between adjacent vertebrae in a person's spinal column and to subsequently maintain the vertebrae in a reduced displacement relationship. When the apparatus is to be installed, holes are formed in the displaced vertebra and in ve ...

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The cellular telephone data communication system and method involves the use of a mobile data processing interface and a cooperating static data processing interface to effectively transmit data over a cellular telephone system. Each data processing interface includes a processor which operates in t ...

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An intravascular catheter includes a flexible guide wire mounted for relative rotational and reciprocal movements within a reciprocal and flexible first tube or sheath. A rotary and flexible second tube is mounted for relative reciprocal movement on the first tube and has a rotary inner cutting head ...

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An infusion system for administering multiple infusates at individually programmable rates, volumes, and sequences in any order from any one or more of plural fluid input ports through a patient output port and into the circulatory system of a patient. Infusates may be either continuously or time se ...

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A fastener comprises a filament having two opposing heads. The heads have two ends defining non-parallel planes, forming acute angles which share a common ray. The fastener is installed by being driven through two needles having slotted bores.

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An improved vitrectomy probe for removing vitreous and cutting mechanism therefore. A hollow elliptically flared cutting blade is reciprocated within a smooth-bore hollow needle of a microsurgical vitrectomy probe across a cutting edge of the outer needle slicing the fibrous material of the vitreous ...

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A calibrating apparatus adapted to be inserted into and proceeded within the stomach of human body which includes a single-lumen tubing terminating in a proximal portion and a distal tip each of which have an orifice and wherein the single-lumen tubing has a first opening extending therethrough whic ...

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A wafer probe is provided having metallic transmission lines mounted on a tapered alumina substrate generally surrounded by microwave absorbing material. The probe provides for on-wafer measurements of small planar devices at frequencies from DC to at least 18 GHz with low inductance, and with const ...

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A testing device measures the impedance of secondary cells that form a battery, such as a lead acid battery, while the battery is in a float charge condition and connected to an active electrical load. The impedance measurement is made at a frequency selected to be different from those frequencies o ...