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A wagering system having a central processor and a plurality of playing consoles remote therefrom with said console capable of providing data inputs to the central processor, with such data inputs including identification of the playing console, the player, amount played, and games selected which ma ...

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A light modulating material consisting of droplets of liquid crystal in a clear or light transmitting, flexible plastic sheet or film, such as a cured epoxy. The light modulating material is prepared by dissolving liquid crystal in an uncured resin and then curing the resin so that droplets of liqui ...

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1H-Imidazo[4,5-c]quinolin-4-amines which are antivirals. Pharmacological methods of using such compounds and pharmaceutical compositions containing such compounds are also described.

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A system for control of a video storage device by a programmed processor. A preferred implementation illustrates a tutorial system including a personal computer as the programmed processor, a video cassette recorder as the video storage device, a video monitor, and an interface and control circuit f ...

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A system including a portable personal terminal which may be used for handling a wide variety of financial, shopping, and other transactions. The personal terminal is credit-card sized, is intelligent, includes a plurality of transaction totals and is constructed to be user-friendly. An interface mo ...

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The invention relates to an improved filter intended to be placed in the blood stream for the trapping of clots.

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A novel pump apparatus and method, the pump including a magnetically suspended and rotated impellor inside the pump housing. A novel sensor system detects the position of the impellor and thus provides the necessary information for operation of a suspension circuit for magnetically suspending the im ...

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A surgical instrument in the form of a template comprises at least one slit formed therethrough to guide either pivotal or dragging cutting movement of a surgical blade of a scalpel therein. The instrument is preferably fixedly held, by suction, over a body area to be incised. In one embodiment, the ...

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A temperature responsive transmitter is provided in which frequency varies linearly with temperature. The transmitter includes two identically biased transistors connected in parallel. A capacitor, which reflects into the common bases to generate negative resistance effectively in parallel with the ...

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This invention is directed to specific methods and a system for the retrograde delivery of fluids containing a pharmacologic or diagnostic agent (via a catheter inserted into a patient's regional venous system) supplied into the microcirculatory system of the same region to which the arterial blood ...