Morrison Larry Edward: Competitive homogeneous assay.. Amoco, August 19, 1987: EP0232967-A2 (121 worldwide citation)

Methods and compositions for performing assays for target polynucleotide strands include contacting a sample with a reagent which includes a first and a second polynucleotide probe. The first and second probes are capable of assuming a first position wherein the probes are bound to each other and a ...


Tweedle Michael F, Gaughan Glen T, Hagan James J: 1-substituted-4,7,10-triscarboxymethyl-1,4,7,10-tetraazacyclododecane and analogs.. Squibb & Sons, August 19, 1987: EP0232751-A1 (88 worldwide citation)

Metal-chelating ligands having the formula wherein Y is oxygen or - @@, R1 is hydrogen, alkyl, arylalkyl or aryl and R2 is hydrogen or alkyl can be complexed with metal atoms and used in medical diagnostics.

Arques Marc, Berger Jean Luc: Matrix of photosensitive elements and its production process, associated read-out process, and application of such a matrix as an image pick-up element.. Thomson-CSF, August 19, 1987: EP0233104-A1 (82 worldwide citation)

L'invention a pour objet une matrice d'éléments photosensibles, dans laquelle chaque élément photosensible se réduit à l'association d'une diode (D) et d'une capacité (C). Son procédé de fabrication est donc facile notamment à partir de silicium amorphe. Son procédé de lecture met en oeuvre une lect ...

Feely Wayne Edmund: Negative photoresist compositions and processes for preparing thermally stable, negative images using them.. Rohm & Haas, August 19, 1987: EP0232972-A2 (78 worldwide citation)

There are disclosed negative photoresist compositions which are capable, using very low concentrations of photoacid generator sensitive to short wavelength actinic radiation, of producing highly resolved, thermally stable images on substrate surfaces. The compositions comprise acid-hardening resin s ...


Moller Hubert: Hollow profile member. Moeller Hubert, August 19, 1987: GB2186655-A (51 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a hollow profile member produced of a plastic- fiber-mixture and having one or a plurality of hollow chambers extending in the longitudinal direction of the hollow profile member, wherein into the wall of the hollow profile member a reinforcement element 3 of an inextensibl ...

Mathey Christoph: Electrical coupler system.. Dynamit Nobel, August 19, 1987: EP0232792-A1 (41 worldwide citation)

In order to prevent electromagnetic waves penetrating into a connector part, as interference radiation, before or during the connection of the connector parts (C1, C2), the opening of this connector part (C2) is sealed with a protective wall (18) which opens automatically when the connector parts ar ...

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Anti-histaminic compositions containing as active ingredient a N-heterocyclyl-4-piperidinamine of formula wherein, L is hydrogen, C1-6alkyloxycarbonyl or phenylmethoxycarbonyl; A = A - A = A is a bivalent radical having the formula - CH = CH - CH = CH - (a), - N = CH - CH = CH - (b), - CH = N - CH = ...

Neracher Arnold: Hydrodynamic device for removing an organic deposit obstructing a vessel in a human body. Neracher Arnold, August 19, 1987: EP0232678-A2 (36 worldwide citation)

The device is intended for removing a deposit (B) partially or completely obstructing a vessel (A), for example an artery, in the human body by means of a supersonic jet (C). This device consists of a catheter comprising a flexible tube (10) intended for introduction into the obstructed vessel, and ...