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Stable emulsions of highly fluorinated organic compounds for use as oxygen transport agents, "artificial bloods" or red blood cell substitutes and as contrast agents for biological imaging. The emulsions comprise a highly fluorinated organic compound, an oil that is not substantially surface active ...




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1. Device for adjusting the stiffness of a magnetic spring by altering the magnetic resistance of the magnetic path of the magnetic spring, which has a first, preferably inner, and a second, preferably outer sub-assembly, of which one is connected to the sprung part and the other to the unsprung par ...


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A method is disclosed for separating a substance from a liquid medium. The method comprises combining the liquid medium containing the substance with magnetic particles under conditions for non-specific chemical binding of the magnetic particles. Thereafter, the medium is subjected to a magnetic fie ...

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Compositions for treating a patient infected with LAV/HTLV III virus, said compositions inhibiting the production and/or inhibiting the activity of mononuclear cell derived cytotoxic factors, without permanently interfering with other immune cell functions.

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A wafer probe comprises a support member having an end region which is shaped to permit the end region to be brought into close proximity with a component under test. An amplifier is mounted on the support member at its end region. A conductive probe element is attached to the amplifier and is elect ...