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A photocatalyst for photodecomposition of liquids is sensitized to visible light by chemically bonding to the catalyst a complex of a transition metal with a bipyridyl or phenanthrolyl type ligand.

Donald R Horne: Program blocking method for use in direct broadcast satellite system. General Instrument, August 4, 1987: US04685131 (260 worldwide citation)

Programming tiers are authorized for viewing on an impulse pay-per-view basis. The system operator controls individual receiver units to block the display of programming on selected tiers because the subscriber finds the content of same objectionable or to prevent members of the household from incur ...

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A surgical instrument for placing linear staple sutures includes a body having a closed rectangular frame. Each of the lateral sides of the frame are provided with a slot which is located on an inner surface of the lateral side close to the adjacent side of the frame. The axis of the slot is paralle ...

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A normally closed, one-way check valve having a body composed of two cylindrical containers which complement each other, each of said containers having a tubular projection with a liquid opening therethrough, one of said cylindrical chambers provided with a plurality of longitudinally extending ribs ...

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The anchoring device is used to grip and anchor a suture sleeve received around a pacing lead body to underlying tissue. The anchoring device comprises a unitary body having an upper clip formation adapted to be received around a suture sleeve and a lower staple formation having opposed prongs. When ...

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A computer security decide for discouraging or preventing unauthorized entry into computer systems and for preventing the unauthorized copying of proprietary computer software or data in a computer system is disclosed. The security device is based at least in part in hardware and comprises logic dev ...


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The present invention provides a process for applying a thermoplastic image forming composition as a series of discrete droplets from a non-contact ink jet printing apparatus to form separate drops on a substrate moving relative to the apparatus, characterized in that the molten composition is therm ...

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A set of three annular ribs (44,46,48) disposed annularly around a crimp sleeve (28) are crimped radially inward about a coaxial cable (10) having a forward end portion (20) of its cable braid (16) exposed and folded backwardly, the ribs when crimped inwardly providing cable retention, electrical ci ...

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Silicone urethane compounds, e.g., a polysiloxane urethane (meth)acrylate, obtained as a reaction product of a polysiloxane carbinol, a polyisocyanate, and a polyfunctional compound having at least one functional group which is reactive with an isocyanate group of the polyisocyanate and after reacti ...