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Novel protogynous Zea mays plants are disclosed, including a novel protogynous inbred line, LALGI. Also disclosed are a process to produce such Zea mays plants and hybrids resulting from crossing such plants with other inbred lines such as Iowa Stiff Stalk Synthetic Lines.

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A method and apparatus for identifying repetitively broadcast programs, such as commercial advertisements broadcast on television and radio, detects the occurrence of predetermined events in a video signal and/or in an audio signal, detects a stability condition and extracts a signature from the vid ...

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The present invention discloses a target specific cross-linked heteroantibody and a method of producing the same. The cross-linked heteroantibodies of the present invention can cause normal autologous cells of the immune system to destroy any unwanted cell for which an antibody is available. Treatme ...

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An International Commodity Trade Exchange having a central exchange post for providing international commodity information and a plurality of local exchanges in at least two countries around the world. A plurality of user computer terminals are coupled to each of the local exchanges and can request ...

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A skin opening and closure device for surgical procedures incorporates elongated flexible locking strips having elongated locking means formed thereon which is adapted to be placed in interlocking assembly and capable of being separated and relocked, as desired. A plurality of half staples are provi ...


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An apparatus and a method of providing an access control for transmitted stock market data from a central radio station to a plurality of one-way radio receivers. Into each receiver is inputted an access code including a cypher pointer which provides for scrambling of the remainder of the access cod ...

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A vending system for automatic sale of articles selected by a customer, comprising a display for displaying groups of vending information in respective steps of a vending procedure that are executed to select one of the articles. The vending system comprises an advancing key and a returning key whic ...

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A coaxial cable connector having a body assembly and a cap assembly which are adapted to be secured together. The body assembly has a front body with a front body cavity formed therein, an electrically conductive collet affixed at least partially within the front body cavity, an axially moveable ele ...

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The check-out counters for use in a supermarket, or the like, are provided with a laser scanner for reading the UPC labels on the individual products presented to it by each customer. The counters are also provided with transport belts or conveyors controlled by a central processor which, in turn, i ...