Dennis Chapman, James A Hayward: Liposome composition as gas transport agents. Biocompatibles, Nixon & Vanderhye, June 23, 1987: US04675310 (71 worldwide citation)

The invention herein involves the use of ligands and phospholipid liposomes as a carrier for the transport of various gases.

Kenneth J Widder: Method of magnetic resonance imaging of the liver and spleen. Molecular Biosystems, Tilton Fallon Lungmus & Chestnut, June 23, 1987: US04675173 (71 worldwide citation)

A method of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of liver and/or spleen is provided employing encapsulated contrast agents in the form of microspheres having a biodegradeable matrix with the paramagnetic/ferromagnetic contrast agent dispersed therein. Ferromagnetic contrast agents such as magnetite are ...

Thomas R Witty, Robert E Curry, Roger E Smith: Self-contained reagent package device and an assay using same. Becton Dickinson and Company, Richard J Rodrick, June 23, 1987: US04675299 (71 worldwide citation)

A self-contained reagent package device for an assay comprises a support member and a plurality of wells in the support member. All of the wells are capable of retaining liquids therein. At least one of the wells has an aperture at its bottom end for the passage of liquids therethrough. The one well ...

David J Graves, Mark A Burns: Affinity chromatography using dried calcium alginate-magnetite separation media in a magnetically stabilized fluidized bed. University Patents, George M Yahwak, June 23, 1987: US04675113 (70 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a method of conducting affinity chromatographic separations of biomaterials which comprises contacting the biomaterial with a solid support comprising a generally spherical bead having a generally central magnetic core and a surrounding exterior coat about the core comprising a material ...

Faramaz Davarian: Antimultipath communication by injecting tone into null in signal spectrum. The United States of America represented by the Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Paul F McCaul, John R Manning, Thomas H Jones, June 23, 1987: US04675880 (70 worldwide citation)

A transmitter for digital radio communication creates a null by balanced encoding of data modulated on an RF carrier, and inserts a calibration tone within the null. By having the calibration tone coincide in phase and frequency with the transmitted radio frequency output for coherent demodulation o ...

Kimihiko Nishioka, Susumu Takahashi, Akira Yokota, Minoru Okabe: Objective lens system for an endscope. Olympus Optical, Cushman Darby & Cushman, June 23, 1987: US04674844 (69 worldwide citation)

An objective lens system for an endoscope comprises a first lens component having a negative refracting power, a second lens component having a positive refracting power, a third lens component having a positive refracting power and a fourth lens component involving a meniscus lens having its concav ...

Hans Peter Baumeister, Roger J Greenwald, Carl N Schauffele: Video disk apparatus providing organized picture playback. Eastman Kodak Company, David M Woods, June 23, 1987: US04675755 (69 worldwide citation)

A video disk player is provided for playing back a series of still pictures prerecorded on a plurality of video disks. The disks are contained in a magazine that is inserted into the player. The magazine includes an erasable, non-volatile memory for containing data related to the pictures. The playe ...

C James Blom: Elimination of internal reflections and diffractions from junctures in, and at the periphery of, a segmented mirror. Roxor Corporation, William W Haefliger, June 23, 1987: US04674850 (68 worldwide citation)

In a transparent molded segmented mirror having individual sectors on a transparent molding and comprising a myriad of reflecting surfaces at the rear side of the mirror away from the viewer, said surfaces located to produce, in the eyes of the viewer, a virtual image, or separate virtual images fro ...

Masatsugu Mochizuki, Yoshihiro Umemura, Izumi Sakammoto, Kunihiko Takagi: Antimicrobial latex composition. Unitika, Sughrue Mion Zinn Macpeak and Seas, June 23, 1987: US04675347 (67 worldwide citation)

An antimicrobial latex composition is disclosed. The antimicrobial latex composition comprises (1) at least one cationic latex component selected from a cationic natural rubber latex and a cationic synthetic polymer latex and (2) a cationic antimicrobial agent incorporated in said cationic latex (1) ...

Jerome H Lemelson: Drug compositions and methods of applying same. June 23, 1987: US04674480 (67 worldwide citation)

A composition and method for targeting and applying drugs or medication to a select location or locations within a living being. Drug units are produced, each of which is formed of at least one antibody, such as a monoclonal antibody, a small quantity of a medication such as a chemical or organic ma ...

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