Daniel B Solarek, Patrick G Jobe, Martin M Tessler: Polysaccharide derivatives containing aldehyde groups, their preparation from the corresponding acetals and use as paper additives. National Starch and Chemical Corporation, Margaret B Kelley, Edwin M Szala, June 23, 1987: US04675394 (124 worldwide citation)

Polysaccharide aldehydes having the general structure ##STR1## such as starch, cellulose and gum aldehydes, are useful for imparting wet, dry, or temporary wet strength to paper. They are prepared by a non-oxidative method which involves reacting the polysaccharide base, in the presence of alkali, w ...

Julius P Gallus: Corrosion and erosion-resistant wellhousing. Union Oil Company of California, Dean Sandford, Gregory F Wirzbicki, June M Bostich, June 23, 1987: US04674572 (123 worldwide citation)

Corrosion and erosion of metal well casings due to production of corrosive well fluids, especially geothermal brines, is avoided by producing corrosive fluids through an impermeable cement wellhousing comprised of inner and outer substantially continuous cement liners which envelop and insulate from ...

Robert E Sparks, Norbert S Mason: Method for coating particles or liquid droplets. Washington University Technology Associates, Holman & Stern, June 23, 1987: US04675140 (121 worldwide citation)

Solid particles or viscous liquid droplets of core material are encapsulated in a coating material largely as single particles with a single coherent coating, by feeding a suspension of the two materials onto a rotating surface. The suspension is centrifugally dispersed by the rotating surface into ...

James Waltonen, Larry L Bauer: Pulse electro-magnetic field therapy device with auto bias circuit. IRT, Kolisch Hartwell & Dickinson, June 23, 1987: US04674482 (116 worldwide citation)

A method of treating animal tissue with a time-varying, magnetic field and a device for producing such a field wherein a substantially unipolar, rectangular electro-magnetic treatment signal having pulses of a predetermined frequency and amplitude is generated. The signal is transmitted to a coil wh ...

James DeLuccia: Retractable disposable syringe. Siegmar Silber, June 23, 1987: US04675005 (115 worldwide citation)

A disposable syringe for delivery of an injectable fluid having a locking device, so that after use, a hub and cannula of the syringe can be detached from the cylindrical body, withdrawn thereinto, and locked thereto. A plunger of the syringe also functions as a withdrawal mechanism, and in turn, ha ...

Alan C Hymes, Lincoln T Ong, Garry R Persons: Drug dispensing device for transdermal delivery of medicaments. Lec Tec Corporation, James V Harmon, June 23, 1987: US04675009 (114 worldwide citation)

A flexible, liquid-absorbing, adhesive skin reservoir includes a backing element and a substrate attached to the backing element. The substrate comprises a homogeneous, hydrophilic, stable matrix including a solid phase formed of a synthetic polymer and/or a long chain natural or synthetic polysacch ...

James H Jannard: Removable multi-component sunglasses. William W Haefliger, June 23, 1987: US04674851 (113 worldwide citation)

Sunglasses have a unitary transparent pane extending in a cylindrical plane. The sunglasses frame and nose-piece construction permits their ease of removal and replacement, as well as pane replacement.

David W Smith, Michael A Cammack: Showerhead. Teledyne, Hugh H Drake, June 23, 1987: US04674687 (109 worldwide citation)

A showerhead includes a housing which defines different sets of spray outlets and includes a mounting for the housing that defines a path of water flow from an inlet. Formed on the housing are circumferentially-spaced grooves and formed on the mounting are mating lugs. Lands disposed between success ...

Raymond L Hadford, Wayne E Quinton: Dual-lumen fistula needle. Quinton Instrument Company, Seed and Berry, June 23, 1987: US04675004 (109 worldwide citation)

A dual-lumen fistula needle for use in hemodialysis treatment. The needle has a gently tapered neck and is divided into arterial and venous lumens by a center septum which is bonded in place. The septum is formed so that the lumens have substantially equal cross sections substantially throughout the ...

Roger R Roth, Gregory A Hrdlicka: Passive signal coupler between power distribution systems for the transmission of data signals over the power lines. Honeywell, George Grayson, John S Solakian, June 23, 1987: US04675648 (109 worldwide citation)

A passive signal coupler transfers data signals being transmitted over AC power lines from a first AC power distribution system to a second AC power distribution system. Each leg of the passive signal coupler coupled to a phase of the power line voltage includes a series LC circuit, tuned to the dat ...

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