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Improves bipolar electrode probe devices for use in electrocautery and electrocoagulation include a central electrode having an outer electrode coaxially disposed therearound. The central and outer electrodes are electrically insulated from each other and are adapted to receive a high frequency volt ...

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A controllable dispensing device for use by a drug therapist for the unsupervised administration to a patient of a drug therapy regimen. A field unit is loaded with a plurality of medication containers in a predetermined sequence. Along with the medication, a program of dosing times is stored in an ...

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This invention concerns novel sustained release microcapsule compositions comprising water-soluble, hormonally active polypeptides and, optionally, a polymer hydrolysis modifying agent encapsulated in a biocompatible, biodegradable polymer.

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A system for the wireless transmission of multiple information signals utilizing digital time division circuits between a base station and a plurality of subscriber stations. The subscriber stations may be fixed or movable. The number of time division circuits is determined by the transmission quali ...

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A method and apparatus for the instantaneous measurement of venticular volume using an intracavity electrical impedance catheter having plural pairs of spaced surface electrodes driven by a corresponding plurality of electrical signals, each of the signals exhibiting a different discrete frequency, ...

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A light string system is provided having a plurality of mono-color or bi-color light-emitting diodes electrically connected thereto. Each light-emitting diode has a generally elongated, hollow envelope mounted thereover, and the envelope is substantially filled with light-conducting optical spheres ...

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An out-of-range monitor and alarm system that may be used by a convalescent home or the like to alert an attendant in the home that a supervised person has walked beyond a predetermined prescribed distance. The system includes a base unit that transmits a first signal to a receiver in a mobile unit ...

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An uninterruptible power supply (10) includes a backup power supply (50) mounted on a circuit board type base (30) and connected to a universal buss (40) which is also mounted on the base to be in parallel with a main power supply which is also connected to the universal buss. A plurality of voltage ...

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An electrokinetic process and apparatus employing coherent radiation-excited fluorescence for detection is disclosed. In a preferred embodiment, the support liquid is a chiral liquid and the process is employed to separate and detect the separation of optical isomers.

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A hollow, cylindrically shaped, elastically deformable sealant member is disposed over external threads of a mounting unit, and subsequently a driver element having internal threads matable with the external threads is screwed onto the external threads, an elasticity and inside diameter of the seala ...