Wain John Laurence: Entertainment machines. Barcrest, June 10, 1987: GB2183882-A (293 worldwide citation)

A coin-operated entertainment machine selects and displays a combination of symbols for example by rotation of symbol-bearing reels behind a window (12). Multiple opportunities are given for selecting symbol combinations during play of a game, and a score is allocated to each attained combination. T ...

Ballivet Marc, Kauffman Stuart Alan: Method for obtaining dna, rna, peptides, polypeptides or proteins by means of a dna recombinant technique. Ballivet Marc, Kauffman Stuart Alan, June 10, 1987: GB2183661-A (219 worldwide citation)

Genes at least partially composed of stochastic synthetic polynucleotides are simultaneously produced wihtin the same medium, the genes thus obtained are introduced into host cells; the independent strains of modified host cells enclosing said genes are simultaneously grown, so as to clone the stoch ...

Feinstein Steven B: Contrast agent, process for its preparation and its use for ultrasonic imaging.. Feinstein Steven B, June 10, 1987: EP0224934-A2 (93 worldwide citation)

A contrast agent for ultrasonic imaging and a process for its preparation is disclosed. The contrast agent is an aqueous protein solution which is characterized in that it comprises microbubbles having a mean particle size of about 2 to 4 microns. The microbubbles are produced by subjecting the solu ...

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Disclosed are drug delivery systems based on a polymeric component which is soluble or insoluble (cross-linked) hyaluronan or hyaluronan copolymerized with another hydrophilic polymer or hylan and one or more substances having biological or pharmacological activity and methods of preparing same.

Riemer Horst Hermann: Bottle.. Embee, June 10, 1987: EP0225155-A2 (65 worldwide citation)

In order to withstand internal pressure a plastics bottle (l) has a base formed with a number (such as seven) of identical, equi-angularly spaced foot portions (3) separated by relatively narrow, effectively parallel-sided grooves (4). The feet project below the central portion (6) which is thickene ...

Davies John Desmond, Touitou Elka, Rubinstein Arnold: Targeted enteral delivery system.. Scherer Corp R P, June 10, 1987: EP0225189-A2 (56 worldwide citation)

A capsule for oral administration of a pharmaceutically active ingredient contains a pharmaceutical composition comprising the active ingredient, for example, a peptide, an absorption promoter and usually, a carrier. The absorption promoter is capable of enhancing absorption of the active ingredient ...

Henley John P, Pearson Stanley R, Peters Bruce C: Two-stage coal gasification process.. Dow Chemical, June 10, 1987: EP0225146-A2 (48 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a two-stage upflow process for coal gasification. An oxygen-containing gas and a first increment of a coal-in-water slurry are ignited in a horizontal fired sagging reactor (3) by means of horizontal coaxial juxtaposed burner nozzles (6, 6a) mounted in the reactor, thereby con ...

Perry Martin John, Fleming Ian Michael, Baker Terence Seward: Binding assay device.. Boots Celltech Diagnostics, June 10, 1987: EP0225054-A1 (44 worldwide citation)

A device for performing an enzyme-labelled binding assay comprises an absorbent material and a developing solution, wherein the absorbent material is provided with a plurality of reagent zones including an indicator reagent zone, and is capable of transporting the developing solution by capillary ac ...

Montgomery Billy A: Speech translator for the deaf. Int Standard Electric, June 10, 1987: GB2183880-A (41 worldwide citation)

A speech translator has a phoneme recogniser for detecting phonemes and a display for displaying them. An interface communicates between the recogniser and a telephone line. The phonemes recogniser may be provided in the user's home. Alternatively a plurality of phoneme recognisers may be provided i ...

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A Phenylpyrimidine compound represents by the following general formula (1): R-A-(X)a-B-(Y)b-C-(Z)c-D-R (1) wherein R represents a straight or branched C1-18 alkyl group, haloalkyl group, aralkyl group or haloaralkyl group with or without a chiral carbon, R represents a straight or branched alkyl gr ...