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An improved surgical fastener having at least one head portion and a filament portion arranged in a T configuration, wherein at least one end of the said at least one head portion is sharply pointed, so that when that head portion is implanted in body tissue, the head portion will attach itself secu ...

Keiji Iwasaki, Yuji Iwashita, Taketoshi Okami: Hemoglobin combined with a poly(alkylene oxide). Ajinomoto Co, Oblon Fisher Spivak McClelland & Maier, June 2, 1987: US04670417 (542 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed hemoglobin modified in that a poly(alkylene oxide) is bonded thereto by a bond between a terminal group of said poly(alkylene oxide) and an amino group of said hemoglobin, said bond having the structure:

George Clarke: Slot machine which pays out upon predetermined number of consecutive lost games. Kabushiki Kaisha Universal, Young & Thompson, June 2, 1987: US04669731 (471 worldwide citation)

A slot machine of the type having a plurality of rotatable reels, each bearing an annular row of various symbols on the outer surface thereof, or a corresponding CRT display, which selects and displays combinations of symbols during each game, and which pays out coins not only when predetermined pri ...

Maynard E Small: Automated sweepstakes-type game. Litman Day & McMahon, June 2, 1987: US04669730 (381 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method for playing a sweepstakes-type game wherein a player inserts an identification card into an automated remote computer terminal and accesses an account at a subject financial institution. The user identifier provides access to the financial account, and user indicia is compare ...

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Atherectomy device for removing material from an atheroma in the vascular system. A cutter is mounted in a cylindrical housing having a cutout on one side thereof at the distal end of a catheter. The catheter has a single luminal opening, and a flexible drive cable for operating the cutter passes th ...

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The invention contemplates instrumentation to aid in performing refraction-corrective surgery on the conrea, (1) by determining the topography of the anterior surface of the cornea, the determination being in the form of digitized data entered into computer storage, (2) by determining the local thic ...

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A method for simultaneous recovery of crude oil from multiple zones in a reservoir is disclosed wherein multiple wells, each in fluid communication with at least two hydrocarbon zones separated by an impermeable barrier, are used to produce oil in an enhanced recovery process. The end product from r ...

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Balancing of loading of cells in a cellular mobile radio telephone system is performed by periodically determining the channel utilization of each cell, computing a representative voice channel occupancy level, and attempting to hand-off calls from cells with higher voice channels occupancy levels t ...

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A surgical stapler having a pivotable trigger in a housing and a cartridge of surgical staples, has a moving anvil which receives one staple at a time in its open configuration. A forming blade moves to engage and capture the staple between the forming blade and the anvil and drive the staple away f ...

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An artificial intelligence system for accepting a statement, understanding the statement and making a response to the statement based upon at least a partial understanding of the statement. The system is characterized by its interaction with a user, which may be a person or machine, in gathering add ...