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A photohardenable composition comprising a free radical addition polymerizable or crosslinkable compound and an ionic dye-counter ion compound, said compound being capable of absorbing actinic radiation and producing free radicals which initiate free radical polymerization or crosslinking of said co ...

Gordon Eric Michael: Aminocarbonyl renin inhibitors.. Squibb & Sons, May 27, 1987: EP0223437-A2 (144 worldwide citation)

Compounds are disclosed of the formula wherein R1, R2, R3, R4, R9, and X are defined herein. These compounds intervene in the conversion of angiotensinogen to angiotensin II by inhibiting renin and thus are useful as antihypertensive agents.


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An integrated circuit chip having metalization design features that result in greater device reliability. An integrated circuit chip has a plurality of semiconductor layers; at least one metalization layer; and at least one insulating layer which supports the metalization layer. The metalization lay ...


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A strategy is disclosed for effecting useful somatic changes in plants by causing the transcription in the plant cells of negative RNA strands which are substantially complementary to a target RNA strand. The target RNA strand can be an mRNA transcript created in gene expression, a viral RNA, or oth ...


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Bandpass or band reject spectral filters (11) for a monolithic optoelectronic device are produced by a planar process compatible with the semiconductor process utilized to produce the optoelectronic device. The filter (11) is comprised of a number of layers (14-20) of material normally used in a sem ...

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(wherein R is phenyl optionally substituted by one or two members selected from the group consisting of trifluoromethyl, C1-C5 alkyl, C1-C5 alkoxy, C1-C5 alkylthio, nitro, amino C1-C5 alkanoylamino and C1-C5 alkoxycarbonyl or 5- or 6-membered heterocyclic group optionally substituted by one or two m ...

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The studs (3) of the shoe are retractable against the action of at least one elastic member (6) calibrated in order to yield to the pressure of the foot on a hard surface and to resist the reaction of the "green". Protuberances are formed projecting under the outsole (1) as far as the level reached ...