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A surgical fastener comprising a fastener member and a retainer member is disclosed. The fastener provides improved hemostasis and, desirably, is of a resinous material that is absorbable in the body. The fastener member has prongs which extend substantially perpendicularly from a base to interlock ...

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A card apparatus having a card hopper adapted to hold from one to at least 104 cards, a card carousel having slots for holding cards, an injector for sequentially loading cards from the hopper into the carousel, output ports, ejectors for delivering cards from the carousel to any one of the output p ...

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A new class of nucleoside phosphoramidites which are relatively stable to permit isolation thereof and storage at room temperature. The phosphoramidites are derivatives of saturated secondary amines.

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An extension mounting apparatus on which a bowel anastomosis ring device may be mounted in prefixed position to facilitate handling, insertion and closure in bowel ends to be anastomosed may be advantageously removably attached to an inserter to provide an applicator which enables insertion in the b ...

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An indicating means in a dosage dispensing device for medicaments, particularly a dosage inhaler which indicates a number of dosages administered from the dosage dispensing device. The indicating means includes a rotatable disc (1) having apertures (2) passing therethrough which can be filled with a ...

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A solderless connector for semi-rigid coaxial cable having an elongate annular outer conductor, a center conductor coaxial with said outer conductor and a dielectric material spacing the inner and outer conductors apart, the connector comprising a housing having an annular portion defining a bore ad ...

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A sustained-release polymeric hydrogel dosage form useful for topical, systemic or transdermal administration of a medicinal agent comprising a cross-linked, polymerized hydrophilic polymer, an amino acid polymer, a cross-linking agent, an optional hydrophobic polymer and said medicinal agent in a t ...

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An article comprising a shaped, plastic layer or body comprising crosslinked polymer with hard and soft segments or moieties and having a microstructure-bearing surface is prepared by a process comprising filling a mold master, bearing or encoded with the microstructure to be replicated, with a flui ...

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The retention suture apparatus is employed for maintaining a wound closed with a retention suture. The apparatus includes a relatively flat and stiff bridging member adapted to be placed across the wound. One end of the bridging member is adapted to have one end of the suture coupled thereto with th ...

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A high performance, low cost rotating disk data storage subsystem includes a head and disk assembly. A plurality of sectors in data tracks include a servo portion containing a prerecorded pattern of a plurality of repeating, time staggered, non-phase-coherent bursts, each burst having a predetermine ...