Bernard Weissman: Dental model carrier. Goodman & Teitelbaum, May 19, 1987: US04666037 (68 worldwide citation)

A protective carrier for a dental model which is used in the production of a dental prosthesis. The carrier includes three sections which are hinged together so that the sections can be folded over each other to close the carrier. A first section includes a centrally disposed tray section provided w ...

Richard I Baker, Richard J Wegrzyn, Edward Szymansky: Fragrance device. Remington Products, May 19, 1987: US04666638 (68 worldwide citation)

A light responsive, battery operated fragrance device is described. The device establishes an air stream over a fragrant material when an artificial light source such as a room lamp is energized. It includes a swivel light gathering body and a photo transistor mounted thereto which can be aimed at t ...

O Lee Trick: In cap medication reminder. T Carter Pledger, May 19, 1987: US04666051 (67 worldwide citation)

A memory aid is provided for use with a vial for containing medicine taken in doses at predetermined times. The aid comprises an attachment base for attachment to a conventional top for the vial, an attachment top, a reminder for moving relative to the attachment top, and a locking element for preve ...

Zvi Yaniv, Vincent D Cannella, Gregory L Hansell, Robert R Johnson: High yield liquid crystal display and method of making same. Energy Conversion Devices, Richard O Gray, Marvin S Siskind, Lawrence G Norris, May 19, 1987: US04666252 (67 worldwide citation)

A quick testable subassembly with redundant isolation devices usable in a liquid crystal display has a pair of coplanar spaced apart electrode segments connected to one or more-isolation devices. Address lines are connected to the isolation devices or the electrodes. The isolation devices and electr ...

Wayne A Campbell: Skeletal tissue stimulator and a low voltage oscillator circuit for use therein. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, Donald M Sell, James A Smith, William D Bauer, May 19, 1987: US04665920 (65 worldwide citation)

A skeletal tissue stimulator and especially a bone growth stimulator 10 and a circuit 12 adapted to be coupled to the skeletal tissue in a body, and especially bone tissue in the body, whose growth is to be stimulated, which tissue acts as a load 22 for the circuit 12. The circuit 12 has a battery 2 ...

Hans R Lambert: Hydrophilic coating. Astra Meditec Aktiebolag, Brumbaugh Graves Donohue & Raymond, May 19, 1987: US04666437 (64 worldwide citation)

A process for coating a polymer surface with a hydrophilic coating with low friction in wet condition. The process comprises applying to the polymer surface a solution containing between 0.05 to 40% of a compound which comprises at least two unreacted isocyanate groups per molecule, evaporating the ...

Hiromu Hirai, Takashi Yamaguchi, Fuyuto Takase, Tomomasa Yoshida: Table device. Hitachi, Antonelli Terry & Wands, May 19, 1987: US04667139 (64 worldwide citation)

A first table is provided on a fixed base so that the first table can be moved in one of two directions which cross each other at right angles. A second table is provided on the first table so that the second table can be moved in the other direction. Linear motors for applying the driving force to ...

James M Caldwell, Michael R Lubitz, Eric J Ruston: Silicone coated fabric. Spensley Horn Jubas & Lubitz, May 19, 1987: US04666765 (64 worldwide citation)

The present invention is directed to method for making silconecoated woven fabric substrates, and the products produced by such method. The method comprises the steps of applying a first liquid polysilicane elastomer to the substrate so as to form a base coat, curing the base coat, applying a second ...

Allan J Jacobson, Teh C Ho, Russel R Chianelli, Theresa A Pecoraro: Amorphous, iron promoted Mo and W sulfide hydroprocessing catalysts and uses thereof. Exxon Research and Engineering Company, Edward M Corcoran, May 19, 1987: US04666878 (64 worldwide citation)

Hydrocarbon feeds are upgraded by contacting a feed, at elevated temperature and in the presence of hydrogen, with a catalyst comprising an amorphous sulfide of iron and a metal selected from the group consisting of Mo, W and mixture thereof. The catalysts are prepared by heating one or more catalys ...

Dale A Figgins, J Jay Grove: Disposal of petroleum sludge. Atlantic Richfield Company, James C Fails, F Lindsey Scott, May 19, 1987: US04666585 (63 worldwide citation)

A process for producing delayed petroleum coke wherein petroleum sludge is added to liquid hydrocarbon coker feedstock.

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