John L Janning: Two bit vertically/horizontally integrated memory cell. NCR Corporation, Wilbert Hawk Jr, Casimer K Salys, May 19, 1987: US04667217 (109 worldwide citation)

A bit selectable, two bit per cell memory device using stacked or side-by-side fixed threshold and alterable threshold transistors. The alterable threshold transistors are used both as a switch to select the desired device or memory bank and also as a memory element. Selection between the code repre ...

Kenichi Miyoshi, Toru Fuwa: Oligonucleotide derivatives. Wakunaga Seiyaku Kabushiki Kaisha, Oblon Fisher Spivak McClelland & Maier, May 19, 1987: US04667025 (106 worldwide citation)

An oligonucleotide derivative having an amino group protected with an eliminatable group bonded through a phosphate group and a spacer with an appropriate length to the 5'-end of an oligonucleotide protected suitably at the 3'-hydroxyl group and the base moiety of the nucleotide, and an immobilized ...

A C Hamilton: Protection system for electronic apparatus. Robert M Carwell, May 19, 1987: US04665707 (100 worldwide citation)

A protection system for computer equipment providing a controlled power source and environment to a plurality of remote locations. An A/C supply line charges a D/C supply which is inverted to provide A/C power to the remotely located equipment which is thereby isolated from power outages and supply ...

Marlene K Clanton, Jeffrey Kapec, Kanuza Tanaka: Tissue gripper for use with intraluminal stapling device. Ethicon, Robert L Minier, May 19, 1987: US04665917 (97 worldwide citation)

The improvement in an intraluminal stapling instrument comprising a clamping means disposed on the central member of said instrument. The clamping means holds the tissue to be joined in the proper position with respect the fasteners being used to accomplish the fastening.

Paul A Braginetz: Shielded medical syringe. Brady O Boyle & Gates, May 19, 1987: US04666435 (96 worldwide citation)

To protect patients, medical and hospital personnel against the spread of infectious diseases, a molded syringe vial is equipped on its exterior with an array of tracks, rails, stops and detents which can cooperate with elements on an external shield to enable the shield to be first held on the vial ...

Stephen K Parks: Gastrostomy feeding device. Medical Innovations Corporation, Willie Krawitz, May 19, 1987: US04666433 (96 worldwide citation)

A device is disclosed for supplying food and medication to a patient, and for drainage and/or decompression, the device being inserted through a stoma and into the patient's stomach.

Jeffrey E Koziol, Gholam A Peyman: Intraocular lens with converging and diverging optical portions. Roylance Abrams Berdo & Goodman, May 19, 1987: US04666446 (94 worldwide citation)

An intraocular lens for patients having macular degeneration. The intraocular lens comprises a first portion including a diverging lens, and a second portion including a converging lens. The converging lens provides the patient with substantially the same vision he or she had prior to implantation o ...

Karl M Fant: Two axis fast access memory. Honeywell, Charles G Mersereau, Wayne B Easton, May 19, 1987: US04667190 (91 worldwide citation)

The disclosure relates generally to a computer generated synthesized imaging system. More particularly, the invention relates to a method and apparatus for providing fast access to a two axis memory wherein consecutive data elements in both row and column orientation of a data set represented as a m ...

Louis S Hoffman, William Bohmer, Ralph J DeVito, Brian R Langille, Richard D Watkins, Charles B Sanders, Martha E Kerch, Marc Shanko: Apparatus for dispensing sheet material. Scott Paper Company, Caesar Rivise Bernstein Cohen & Pokotilow, May 19, 1987: US04666099 (89 worldwide citation)

The disclosure relates to an apparatus for dispensing sheet material such as paper towels. The dispensing apparatus when activated dispenses sheet material for a predetermined time which results in a predetermined length of sheet material being dispensed. The dispensing apparatus is actuated in resp ...

Charles S Brown: Dynamic elbow and knee extension brace. May 19, 1987: US04665905 (87 worldwide citation)

A wire frame structure of two parallel aligned members are formed into a compression spring centrally positioned to provide controlled force at each end. U-shaped yokes are adjustably affixed to the aligned members, one to each end. The yokes are hinged to cuffs suitable for attachment to human arm ...