James E Jervis: Medical devices incorporating sim alloy elements. Raychem Corporation, Ira D Blecker, May 19, 1987: US04665906 (1519 worldwide citation)

Medical devices which are currently proposed to use elements made from shape memory alloys may be improved by the use of stress-induced martensite alloy elments instead. The use of stress-induced martensite decreases the temperature sensitivity of the devices, thereby making them easier to install a ...

Gilbert A Garza, Marek Kacki: Prosthesis system and method. Duckworth Allen Dyer, May 19, 1987: US04665918 (434 worldwide citation)

A system and method is disclosed for implanting a prosthesis the length of a blood vessel. A generally tubular prosthesis member having an unobstructed central passageway is provided. The member contracts to a smaller dimension for delivery through the unobstructed portion of the length of blood ves ...

David T Green: Surgical stapler apparatus. United States Surgical Corporation, Thomas R Bremer, May 19, 1987: US04665916 (343 worldwide citation)

Surgical stapler apparatus for forming an array of surgical fasteners in body tissue includes an anvil assembly against which the fasteners are formed and a fastener holder pivotally mounted adjacent one end of the anvil assembly, a spacer member at the other end so constructed to displace tissue th ...

Francis A L Esperance Jr: Method for ophthalmological surgery. LRI, Hopgood Calimafde Kalil Blaustein & Judlowe, May 19, 1987: US04665913 (335 worldwide citation)

The invention contemplates use of a scanning laser characterized by ultraviolet radiation to achieve controlled ablative photodecomposition of one or more selected regions of a cornea. Irradiated flux density and exposure time are so controlled as to achieve desired depth of the ablation, which is a ...

James F Gusella: Test for Huntingtons disease. The General Hospital Corporation, Saidman Sterne Kessler & Goldstein, May 19, 1987: US04666828 (286 worldwide citation)

A method for detecting the presence of the gene for Huntington's disease in a subject which comprises analyzing the human chromosome 4 of the subject for a DNA polymorphism, preferably a restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP), linked to Huntington's Disease.

George G Glenner, Caine W Wong: Polypeptide marker for Alzheimers disease and its use for diagnosis. University of California, Irell & Manella, May 19, 1987: US04666829 (260 worldwide citation)

A novel polypeptide, Alzheimer's Amyloid Polypeptide (AAP), is provided in substantially purified form which is isolated from amyloid deposits in patients with Alzheimer's Disease. The polypeptide has the following amino acid sequence: ##STR1## The polypeptide, or fragments thereof, may be used to p ...

Max A Quintana: Secure credit card. Max A Quintana, Robert E King, Bernard L Morgan, Alton Y Lennon, Dowell & Dowell, May 19, 1987: US04667087 (232 worldwide citation)

A credit card resistant to unlawful use has a code, indicative of the owner's account number hidden beneath an opaque shield. The card has a keyboard and microprocessing components electrically connected to the shield. Insertion of correct entries, e.g. an owner's personal identification number, int ...

Tsuneo Tsubakimoto, Tadao Shimomura, Yoshio Irie: Absorbent article. Nippon Shokubai Kagaku Kogyo, Sherman and Shalloway, May 19, 1987: US04666983 (231 worldwide citation)

An absorbent article obtained by mixing 100 parts by weight of an absorbent resin powder having a carboxyl group with 0.001 to 10 parts by weight of a crosslinking agent having at least two functional groups capable of reacting with the carboxyl group per molecule and reacting the absorbent resin po ...

Clinton Goss, Richard Rosenberg, Peter Whyte: Compilers using a universal intermediate language. 501 Philon, Kenyon and Kenyon, May 19, 1987: US04667290 (212 worldwide citation)

A method for directing a digital data processor to translate a program written in a source language into a sequence of machine executable instructions. The method consists of the translation of the source code into an intermediate language, followed by generation of object code for the target machin ...

Eric W Brown, Henry T Tai: Infusion pump. I Flow Corporation, Robert M Asher, May 19, 1987: US04666430 (161 worldwide citation)

An infusion pump is disclosed in which a canister of compressed gas is regulated to provide a continuous source of pressure to one or more compressible fluid sources. Valves on the outlets of the sources prevent fluid from escaping except when the valves are opened. The valves are opened by solenoid ...