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The disclosure is generally directed to an extrudable elastomeric composition formed by blending from at least 10 percent, by weight, of an A-B-A' block copolymer where "A" and "A'" are each a thermoplastic endblock which includes a styrenic moiety and where "B" is an elastomeric poly(ethylene-butyl ...

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An electrostatically deflectable beam spatial light modulator with the beam composed of two layers of aluminum alloy and the hinge connecting the beam to the remainder of the alloy formed in only one of the two layers; this provides a thick stiff beam and a thin compliant hinge. The alloy is on a sp ...

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A method of making a dental prosthesis in which data representing standard tooth shapes and sizes, relationships between teeth and adjacent and occlusive teeth and characteristics for securing a prosthesis to a prepared site, and machining instructions for shaping a blank to the configuration of a d ...

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An intravascular prosthesis comprises a lining rolled upon itself around an axis so that it is introducible into a vascular lumen. An inflatable channel is included for unrolling the lining when the prosthesis is positioned within the lumen so that the lining may engage the vascular wall to provide ...

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An absorbent article, such as a disposable diaper or an incontinent brief having indicia means provided for aiding an individual fitting the article to a wearer to obtain optimal waist fit and leg opening fit. Indicia means are provided in an area at least coextensive with a part of an area to which ...

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A suture fusing and cutting apparatus having a forcep type instrument with jaws including a cutting edge and a fusing surface. The jaws are heated or otherwise stimulated by energy to sever and fuse plastic suture material when the jaws are closed on the suture.

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This invention concerns an essentially cylindrical discrete carbon fibril characterized by a substantially constant diameter between about 3.5 and about 70 nanometers, e.g. between about 7 and 25 nanometers, length greater than about 10.sup.2 times the diameter, an outer region of multiple essential ...

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A porous and transparent hydrated gel is prepared from a poly(vinyl alcohol) solution in a mixed solvent consisting of water and an water-miscible organic solvent. Upon cooling the poly(vinyl alcohol) solution below room temperature, a gel is formed as a consequence of crystallization of poly(vinyl ...

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By providing two cooperating, pivotable clamping arms, each of which incorporates an elongated, movement controlling plastic portion securely affixed to a die-cast metal or powdered metal section having a clamping face formed therein, a uniquely constructed, pivotable, jaw-clamping surgical instrume ...

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An endotract antenna used for hyperthermia treatments. A microwave radiation antenna is surrounded by a balloon-like member made of a thin polymeric film. Tubes for feeding and draining a cooling liquid to and from the inside of the balloon-like member enable the device to effectively warm an endotr ...