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A communication interface for providing asynchronous and telephonic communications is disclosed. The interface enables software applications, which are independent of any hardware or physical addresses, to operate on the interface. In this manner, the software applications can be written independent ...


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A coin- or token-operated entertainment machine such as a fruit machine produces a symbol combination e.g. by random rotation of symbol-bearing reels (8) and a win indication is given if the combination is of a predetermined winning nature. There is also a jackpot feature whereby prize value is tran ...



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Verwendung von Pfropfcopolymerisaten, die erhältlich sind durch Pfropfen von Polyalkylenoxiden eines Molekulargewichts (Zahlenmittel) von 2000 bis 100.000 mit Vinylacetat im Gewichtsverhältnnis 1:0,2 bis 1:10 und deren Acetatgruppen gegebenenfalls bis zu 15 % verseift sind, als Vergrauungsinhibitore ...

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A method for making a plastic laundering tub for a laundry washing machine, in which said tub (5) is adapted to contain a rotatable drum (10) supported by bearings (12, 13) mounted in a sleeve (14) passing through a respective end wall (8) of the tub. The method is characterized in that the sleeve ( ...


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The invention provides muteins of the biologically active proteins of IFN- beta in which cysteine residues that are not essential to biological activity have been deleted or replaced with other amino acids to eliminate sites for intermolecular crosslinking or incorrect intramolecular disulfide bridg ...

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The present invention relates to a wireless PBX network wherein direct sequence spread spectrum multiple access is used for voice and data communications to support a plurality of local-local and local-external calls. The present wireless PBX arrangement comprises a plurality of local user transceiv ...