William G Swift: Fitting with prestressed septum. Parker Hannifin Corporation, Frederick L Tolhurst, April 7, 1987: US04655765 (88 worldwide citation)

A medication infusion device (10) wherein a septum fitting (14) includes a housing (50) that cooperates with an annular band (68) and a septum (66) to define a cavity (80). A poppet (84) cooperates with a seating ring (88), annular band (68) and septum (66) to define an antechamber (85), and to form ...

Anthony Maglica: Flashlight. Mag Instrument, Lyon & Lyon, April 7, 1987: US04656565 (87 worldwide citation)

A flashlight includes a barrel for retaining batteries. A reflector and lens located at one end is rotatable axially to vary the reflection dispersion of a light beam emanating through the lens from a lamp bulb. An internal cylindrical sleeve within the barrel provides the electrical path between a ...

Wilbur A Hamsher Jr, Joseph L Lockard: Double row electrical connector. AMP Incorporated, Anton P Ness, April 7, 1987: US04655515 (86 worldwide citation)

An electrical connector has rows of contact locations which are signal locations and ground locations where ground locations in one row are programmable independently of ground locations in any other row. A housing member has secured thereto corresponding to each row of contact locations a terminal ...

D Peter Choyce: Intra-corneal implant for correction of aniridia. Hugh D Jaeger, April 7, 1987: US04655774 (85 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to an implant intended to act in place of an iris and comprises an opaque part-spherical annulus of an autoclavable plastics material which is inserted between the layers of the cornea.

Kazuo Hashimoto: Remote control adapter of electric equipment using telephone lines. Hashimoto Corporation, Lowe Price Leblanc Becker & Shur, April 7, 1987: US04656655 (84 worldwide citation)

In a remote control system of electric equipment, a remote control box which is to be incorporated with the electric equipment is adapted to the remote control adapter which accepts a telephone call and engages with the telephone line upon acceptance of a telephone call and receives many kinds of re ...

Jerry C Bommer, Bruce F Burnham: Tetrapyrrole therapeutic agents. Nippon Petrochemicals, Scully Scott Murphy & Presser, April 7, 1987: US04656186 (84 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to new fluorescent mono, di- or polyamide of an aminomonocarboxylic acid and a tetrapyrrole containing at least three carboxy groups of the structure: ##STR1## wherein Z is the amino acid residue and x is the tetrapyrrole residue and "n" is an integer from 1 to 4 inclusive.

Edward A Stephenson: Aircraft flight data recorder data acquisition system. Sundstrand Data Control, Christensen O Connor Johnson & Kindness, April 7, 1987: US04656585 (84 worldwide citation)

A data acquisition system for use in an aircraft flight data recorder receives multiple analog and discrete signals representative of various aircraft parameters. A single address command from the flight data recorder central processing unit (CPU) causes a first multiplexer to select a set of analog ...

Felix Theeuwes, James B Eckenhoff: Fluid imbibing pump with self-regulating skin patch. ALZA Corporation, Steven F Stone, Edward L Mandell, Paul L Sabatine, April 7, 1987: US04655766 (83 worldwide citation)

A medical device comprising a fluid imbibing, self-regulating, skin patch drug delivery system is disclosed which includes a fluid imbibing, preferably osmotic, pump comprising a reservoir for a drug or, drug formulation or other fluid to be dispensed to the skin, 10 at least one wall of the reservo ...

Thomas M Baer, Mark S Keirstead: Laser diode pumped solid state laser. Spectra Physics, Paul Davis, April 7, 1987: US04656635 (83 worldwide citation)

A neodymium or other rare earth doped solid state laser is pumped by a matched high efficiency laser diode, resulting in a compact, high efficiency and long lifetime laser assembly. Output is in the near infrared range, but can be converted to the visible spectrum by an intra-cavity frequency double ...

Charles M McGhee: Bathtub valve fixture module. Walker & McKenzie, April 7, 1987: US04654900 (83 worldwide citation)

The faucets and associated faucet structure of a bathtub assembly are mounted on a cover plate which is, in turn, hingably and slidably attached to a frame member which is secured to wall structure adjacent the normal location of the faucets. Flexible connecting lines extend between the faucet struc ...