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A nose mask assembly for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea which is comprised of a nose mask adapted to be sealed over the nose of a patient, an inlet for supplying a continuous positive pressure of air to the mask and a threshold valve to release air from the mask.

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In a bioelectrochemical process in which the electrons are transferred directly, without use of a mediator, such as a redox dye or cofactor, between an electrode and an electroactive biological material, such as an enzyme or a protein, in either direction, rapid electron transfer has previously been ...

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An interactive rule based system enables problem solutions to be generated in schematic diagram form. A methodology designer selects and arranges graphic primitives using a graphics terminal to create a library of icons. Under control of a computer processor, the methodology designer is prompted to ...

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A catheter device for transferring fluid material to or from one or more selected-length segment of a vessel. The device includes first and second catheters, each having a tube with distal and proximal ends, an inflatable balloon carried on the tube, adjacent the distal tube end, and a fluid conduit ...

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A hand control for electrosurgical electrodes with the rocker arm current mode activating switch located near the front of the device. The activating switch allows a choice of coagulating current mode, cutting current mode, or neutral (no current mode). A three-position slide-locking mechanism allow ...

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A unique manipulative/grasping assembly adapted for use in conjunction with endoscopic instruments in disclosed herein. This assembly comprises an elongated tool having an elongated shaft with resilient, flexible fingers on the distal end thereof. These fingers can be biased in a spaced apart relati ...

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A method of treating articles to improve their biocompatibility is disclosed. A substrate material is positioned within a reactor vessel and exposed to plasma gas discharge in the presence of an atmosphere of an inert gas and then in the presence of an organic gas, such as a halocarbon or halohydroc ...

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A control system for a vacuum cleaner comprising three separate sub-control systems located in a canister portion, a power nozzle floor cleaner portion and a suction hose handle portion respectively. The handle portion sub-control includes user input switches and indicator lights and it controls the ...

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A hemostatic agent and method for preparation thereof are described, said hemostatic agent comprising a carrier in the shape of flake or fiber having thrombin and Factor XIII fixed thereto, wherein said carrier is composed of a biodegradable material having a water absorption capability of about 50 ...

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Garments having a medial section which includes a gathered crotch portion and transversely opposed side sections are made by stretching an elastic layer transversely of the garment and stretch-bonding it to a gatherable non-elastic layer. Upon release of the elongating forces, the medial portion of ...