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A prosthesis for transluminal implantation comprising a flexible tubular body which has a diameter that is variable by axial movement of the ends of the body relative to each other and which is composed of several individual rigid but flexible thread elements each of which extends in helix configura ...

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Apparatus for selectively blocking passage of lipids in a liquid flow path. A baffle interposed in the liquid flow path is of nonpolar material and is arranged to permit liquid flow therethrough with contact of said liquid with the nonpolar material of the baffle for removing lipids from the flow. I ...

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A sensor apparatus is disclosed for sensing substances, species, substrates, etc. using oxidase. The apparatus includes a pair of potentiostat operating electrode systems. In one embodiment each electrode system includes respective working, counter and reference electrodes, and in another embodiment ...

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Sterile surgical staples for use with a stapling instrument with the surface of the staple coated with a low molecular weight fluorocarbon polymer.

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A directive light beam in a wavelength range appropriate for penetrating into body tissues is applied to a portion of a patient's body and the energy transmitted or back-scattered by the underlying tissue is analyzed spectrophotometrically for the presence of glucose. Analysis is performed using esp ...

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This invention relates to LIMIS systems, devices and methods. Specifically, it relates to the attachment of passive transceivers which can be altered or coded, erased and recoded to various items as "tags", and the use of active transceivers of various types for Location, Identification, measurement ...

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A surgical combination instrument for atraumatically grasping human or animal tissue, for performing bipolar coagulation by means of high frequency current, for cutting tissue in the coagulated area and for removing tissue remaining uncoagulated between the coagulated areas. These functions can be p ...

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A polyglycolic acid mesh sling sewn above the pelvic inlet prevents small bowel descent into the true pelvis during radiation therapy for various pelvic malignancies.